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We value your privacy and your trust.  The Drivewyze Policy Center includes information about how we use information collected about you on our website, as well as the terms and conditions for Drivewyze Products and Services.

Read all about how we use information collected about you on our website and how you can make choices about your private information.

Privacy Policy

Drivewyze is Serious About Driver Privacy

Click on the links below to learn about other Drivewyze policies governing your use of Drivewyze products and services.

Drivewyze Service Agreement

Drivewyze Support Policy

Drivewyze Florida Agriculture Benefits, Terms and Conditions

End User License Agreement — Omnitracs

End User License Agreement – General

End User License Agreement – Apple

Click on the links below to view device specific user guides:

Android User Experience Guide

iOS (Apple) User Experience Guide

PeopleNet User Experience Guide

If you have questions about the Drivewyze policies please contact us at :

Drivewyze Inc.
6325 Gateway Blvd NW, Suite 159
Edmonton, AB T6H 5H6

In addition, you may share with us your preferences by calling us toll-free at 1-888-988-1590 (8am-9pm) or by emailing us at support@drivewyze.com.

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