Traffic Congestion Cost Truckers Nearly $50 Billion - Text Graphic

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Delays from Traffic Congestion Cost Truckers Nearly $50 Billion

The American Transportation Research Institute recently announced the results of its research into the cost of congestion to the trucking industry. That research calculated lost driver productivity due to traffic congestion totaled more than 728 million hours in 2014. That equates to 264,500 commercial drivers sitting idle doing absolutely nothing for an entire year adding…

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Feds Say Don’t Expect High Prices at the Pump in Next 12 Months

Well, here’s some great news from the federal government, for a change. Heavy Duty Trucking’s Evan Lockridge reports that the U.S. Energy Department has lowered its forecast for diesel and gasoline prices for 2016. The department’s latest Short Term Energy Outlook from the U.S. Energy Department projects trucking’s main fuel will average $2.29 per gallon…

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