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Are Deliverybots a Thing of the Future?

Remember the days when you ordered a product for delivery and you expected the package to arrive in one-to-two weeks? Well, those days are long gone. With the boom of e-commerce and companies like Amazon offering two-day delivery, people expect their packages coming from across the world to be delivered to their front porch within…

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Where Are We at With Autonomous Trucks?

So, what’s really the latest development of autonomous trucks? It seems like every week, new reports come out about advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) designed for autonomous trucks and speculation for when a driver will no longer be required to be behind the wheel. Some say the technology is only a couple years away, while…

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Ahh Bottlenecks. Traffic Congestion Continues to Get Worse

Back in October we did a blog story about traffic congestion and where the worst bottlenecks happened to be. Last year, Atlanta’s Spaghetti Junction (where Interstates 285 and 85 converge) took home the dubious honor of being the place you’d most want to avoid.  The average speed on the interchange was 37 miles per hour,…

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Secrets Behind the Weigh Station: Drivewyze Webinar Gives you a Sneak Peek

Everyone loves secrets…and we aim to please by going behind the scenes to give you some insight.  Drivewyze recently held two webinars on “The Secrets Behind the Weigh Station: What Happens When Your Trucks Pull In”.  If you missed it, be sure to catch our encore – a video of the recording is below! Did…

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2019 Forecasted Driver Challenges

With the new year underway, we look at some of the biggest challenge’s drivers are expected to face on the road in 2019. LandLine magazine did a nice job with their feature article looking into these challenges, so we’ll do our take on the topic. So, what’s on deck for 2019? Well, according to LandLine,…

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Becoming a Truck Driver Now Makes a Lot of Cents

Dollars that is…  In an industry that has long faced a driver shortage, fleets are starting to get the message.  They need to pay more, and they need to treat their drivers with respect.  Plus, they need to get drivers home more often. Happily, the trend is positive and that should help bring in new…

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A Haul for the Ages

There’s an old saying: “Go big or go home.” Well, Omega Morgan didn’t just go big, they went out-of-this-world massive with a Washington state record-setting haul that weighed nearly one-million pounds. Yes, you read that right. To put that haul in perspective, Washington state issues 600 to 700 “super load” permits per year for trucks…

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Ready, Set, Go! Drivewyze Ready to Start Service in Ontario March 1

After extensive planning and meetings with the Minister of Transportation of Ontario, it’s finally here: Ontario’s first weigh station bypass services will be available for subscription starting March 1, and we were more than excited to have announced this expansion with the MTO at a press event on January 24. Our very own, Doug Johnson,…

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Tis the Season for Winter Driving

It’s only January, and this winter is already off to a wild start. Winter storms have ravaged many parts of the United States and Canada, and it appears there is no end in sight. The southern region of the U.S., normally known as a safe-haven from snow, has seen it fall on their palm trees….

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