Drivewyze for Fleets

Bypass Service for Fleets

You want to deliver loads efficiently, save money and keep your drivers safe. We get it. So keep your drivers out of scales and on the mainline with Drivewyze.

The Drivewyze Bypass Service helps fleets:

  • Save money, fuel and driver time
  • Decrease vehicle wear & tear
  • Keep drivers safe, with hands free operation
  • Recruit and retain drivers

All of this without the hassle of managing transponders!

Drivewyze is the Nation’s largest weigh station bypass service — which means Drivewyze customers get more bypasses. Your drivers will be eligible to receive bypasses at at over 600 sites in 38 operational and pending states.

You can use Drivewyze for all or some of your trucks – drivers using the service will bypass scales and mobile inspection sites up to 98% of the time, depending on your carrier safety score. On top of that, our monthly carrier report can help you make data driven decisions, and shows you real numbers that prove the ROI of your Bypass Service.

Recruit and Retain Drivers

Drivewyze is a valuable benefit that can help fleets with driver recruitment and retention. A Drivewyze survey found that:

  • 64% of drivers consider bypass to be a valuable employee benefit – more valuable than even fuel cards or a sign on bonus.
  • Drivers are 3X more likely to choose a company that provides weigh station bypass as a free benefit, compared to an otherwise identical opportunity that does not.
  • Drivers perceive the value of a bypass service to be worth more than $2000 a year, while saving them 7.5 hours of drive time every month. The average fleet pays less than $170 per year to subscribe a driver to a bypass service. Talk about great value!

Heads Up Service

This complimentary service provides nation-wide weigh station notifications for drivers.  The Drivewyze application will wake up when a vehicle comes within 2 miles of a weigh station and will notify the driver with hands-free audio and visual alerts.

Available on Popular Devices

Drivewyze is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones or tablets, as well as popular ELDs including OmnitracsRand McNally, PeopleNet and Zonar.

Get In Touch

If you are interested in learning more about Drivewyze for your fleet, please contact us:



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The time savings we get from not stopping at the weigh stations gives us the ability to move up to an additional four loads of freight per month. Drivewyze also saves us about 60 gallons of fuel each month and saves wear and tear on our truck engines and transmissions by not having to slow down andstop at the weigh stations.

Karole Smith
Fleet Manager, BarOle Trucking

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