Below, you’ll find answers to some of our frequently asked questions. You can also take a look at our Known Issues page.

  • Can Drivewyze be used at the same time as other bypass programs?

    Yes, you are able to use Drivewyze at the same time as another bypass program. To best ensure highway safety and prevent conflicting instructions, let us know which bypass transponder program(s) you are using by selecting these in-app when you start a trial, or by calling us at 1-888-988-1590.

    If you do not notify us of the use of another bypass transponder program, you may receive conflicting messages when approaching a weigh station that supports both programs. In this case, if either Drivewyze or the other bypass transponder indicates you should pull in into the site, you must pull in if the station is open. You can only legally bypass if both programs indicate you should bypass.

  • Does my driving activity get recorded and time stamped? Can I be issued a citation for speeding?

    Law enforcement is able to see the time and day that a Drivewyze user bypasses or pulls into their stations – just as they can do in person, if you pull in without using Drivewyze.

    But Drivewyze does not provide law enforcement with any other information, regarding your location or time, in between stations. And because Drivewyze is a bypass service, and not an enforcement tool, law enforcement cannot use Drivewyze to generate a speed related citation.

  • Why didn’t I get a bypass?

    There are several reasons why you might not get a bypass during a site visit.  Fortunately, something can be done to correct most of these situations.  Here are some root causes, and what you can do:

    • Your app wasn’t running, and so it couldn’t submit a bypass request for you.  To correct this, update your app to the latest version, and ensure that the app is running and showing the “Ready Screen” at least a couple miles in advance of a site.  This will give your phone enough time to activate its GPS sensors and get accurate data so your app can detect the upcoming site.  It’d also be a good idea to ensure that Drivewyze is NOT being terminated by any “app killers” that you might be running on your phone.


    • No data signal was detected by your phone, so the Drivewyze app was unable to submit a bypass request for you.  To correct this situation, ensure your smartphone has a data connection when you’re approaching a site.


    • Your phone couldn’t get a data connection because you were in a voice call, so the Drivewyze app couldn’t submit a bypass request for you.  To correct this situation, if you’re using a phone or on a network that can’t support simultaneous voice and data, try to avoid being on the phone the few miles leading up to a site.


    • Your app wasn’t able to receive the bypass signal that was sent to you from our servers because of local network congestion.  Unfortunately, this is something we can’t do much about.  As cell towers are built by service providers to support local cellular traffic, this problem should diminish.


    • Your app is displaying “bypass service activation pending” because you just started a bypass trial.  Once your trial has been initiated, the first thing you’ll need to do to start receiving bypasses is to pull in at an open Drivewyze site.  That will activate your bypass privileges.


    • Your app is displaying “bypass service activation pending” because you just installed it on a new device, re-installed it on an existing device, or cleared your data on an existing device, all after having activated your bypasses previously.  This occurs because the app has temporarily lost its connection to the fact that you’re entitled to bypass privileges.  To correct this, you can pull in at your next Drivewyze site, or contact us to re-activate your bypass privileges.


    • Your bypass trial has expired.  To correct this, you can contact Drivewyze to subscribe or request a trial extension (if appropriate, due to circumstances that interfered with your trial).


    • Your bypass privileges have been temporarily suspended due to non-compliance with vehicle image submission requirements.  To correct this, use the in-app feature to submit a photo of your vehicle.
  • Will law enforcement honor the bypasses this app shows to me? Is this app legal?

    Yes, the Drivewyze Bypass service is legal and commercial vehicle enforcement officers honor the bypass notifications.

    Drivewyze has the full commitment and support of the commercial vehicle enforcement agency in every state where we provide bypasses,

    Bypass screening criteria for each state is actually defined by that state agency,

    We are also in compliance with FMCSA guidelines:

    • Regarding in-cab cell phone usage
    • State distracted driving legislation

    If you encounter an issue where your bypass is not being honored, please contact our Support team and we will work together to resolve the conflict.

  • My Drivewyze app seems to only download part way to my Android phone, and then the download “gets stuck”. Why?

    Our clients sometimes report to us that our Drivewyze app starts to download to their Android phone, but the download process seems to get “stuck”, and even after a few minutes, the app download never gets past half way.

    This can happen for a variety of reasons, but one of the more common reasons is that your Google Play updates process might have crashed. Here are the steps to ensure your update process works:

    1. Open your device’s Settings
    2. Tap on “Apps” or “Application Manager” (depending on your device, this may be different)
    3. Select the Google Play Store app
    4. Tap on “Uninstall Updates”
    5. When prompted to change the Play Store app back to the factory version, tap “OK”
    6. Open your Play Store app

    After a few minutes, as long as you have a strong internet connection, your Play Store app will update to the latest version. Once your Play Store app is updated, try downloading apps again.

  • Why was I told to follow road signs?

    There are three reasons why you might receive a “Follow Road Signs” message:

    1. If you have signed up to start your bypass trial, you will need to pull into the first open, Drviewyze supported site that you encounter, in order to complete the account activation process. Occasionally, if your route takes you past a number of unmanned weigh stations or temporary sites, you may be told to “Follow Road Signs” several times, until you finally encounter a Drivewyze-supported weigh station that is both manned and which has an “active” status in the Drivewyze database. Please be patient, and keep following instructions to “Follow Road Signs.” Doing so will eventually complete your account activation, and after that you should start to receive bypasses
    2. Once you have activated your bypass service, you will always receive “Follow Road Signs” messages a portion of the time – from 2% to 50% of the time, depending on the carrier safety score of the DOT # are driving under. The better the safety score, the fewer the “Follow Road Signs” messages you’ll received.
    3.  In some cases, state law enforcement may decide to increase a site’s pull-in rate, even as high as 100%, as part of an inspection blitz for example. In this case you will receive a “Follow Road Signs” message.
  • Are there any restrictions for HazMat haulers in signing up for Drivewyze?

    HazMat haulers can sign up to participate in the Drivewyze bypass program, but due to some state bypass restrictions, may not be able to receive bypasses in all states. You can click here to view the bypass restrictions.

  • What if I forget my password?

    At the sign-in screen you can select Forgot Password and follow the instructions.

  • What if my mobile device freezes or turns off while in operation?

    Simply restart the mobile device, open the application and start the service again.

  • Reception is poor where I travel. What can I do to prevent dropouts?

    You may find error messages such as “Internet connection timed out” or “No Internet connection” in some areas. You can check the coverage areas from your network provider. To improve reception, try moving the device higher and closer to the windshield. Devices mounted higher on the dashboard, rather than low within the vehicle, may receive a better signal.

  • What if the phone fails to connect to the Drivewyze service while I’m driving?

    The Drivewyze service is designed to be “fail safe”. In case of any system failure the device will signal the driver to follow the existing road signs.

  • What if I switch to another application on the mobile device while I’m driving?

    The Drivewyze mobile application will remain running. You will still be notified according to your device’s notification settings when approaching an inspection site.

  • Can I use the phone for voice at the same time?

    Being on a phone call may block data transmission, depending on the type of phone, the network provider, and the location. Some phones and their network providers support simultaneous voice and data. Even if your phone and network provide this, some rural locations may not. It’s best not to be on a phone call as you approach Drivewyze service sites unless you know your phone and location provides simultaneous voice and data. In any event, if the Drivewyze mobile application cannot connect to the service it will safely alert the driver to “Follow Road Signs.”

  • What are the rules for approving a bypass request?

    Each state law enforcement agency implements pre-clearance screening rules as required by department policy to satisfy State law.

  • How much time will I have to react to the bypass message?

    The application will first display a notification message when the vehicle is approximately two miles away from the service site, and then request bypass clearance. Drivewyze will then signal the driver approximately one mile before the inspection site. This lead-time provides ample opportunity to make necessary lane changes.

  • Do I need to travel in any particular lane or speed?

    No, the Drivewyze service will work regardless of what lane is being used or your vehicle’s speed.

  • What if I drive multiple vehicles or change the vehicle I am driving?

    You can register multiple vehicles and select the correct vehicle before driving.

  • Where should I place my phone while driving?

    Please follow all transportation safety laws designed to limit driver distraction including the use of hands-free headsets. We advise mounting the phone to your dashboard with a standard mounting kit or cradle. Keep your phone connected to your vehicle utility power in order to keep the phone running at all times during your travel. It’s best to install the mobile device in a location close to the windshield to improve reception. Mobile devices kept deeper within the vehicle can result in poor signal reception.

  • Does the Drivewyze service network include every weigh station and inspection site in a given state?

    No. There are a number of factors to consider. The Drivewzye service network is adding more sites within each state as we expand across the nation. Which sites will be supported is first determined by state officials. To ensure the utmost safety, the process for establishing a site requires an extensive set of testing at the actual site. In rare instances we find the site’s layout of the approaching road and exit ramps prevent a safe operation for our service.

  • Will using Drivewyze on my smartphone violate the FMCSA mobile phone rule, or other distracted driving laws?

    No. The Drivewyze mobile application was designed with your safety in mind, and in compliance with the FMCSA rule on mobile phone usage. The Drivewyze application is designed to operate hands-free, which is permitted under the FMCSA rule. Once it’s activated at the start of a trip, the Drivewyze application requires no further interaction. Your phone or tablet can sit unattended in a dash holder, and the Drivewyze application will automatically play a tone and display a message on the screen notifying you of an upcoming station, and whether you receive a bypass.

  • If my driver gets into an accident, would that affect the bypass rate of another driver later driving the same vehicle?

    An at-fault crash affects the CSA score of a carrier’s USDOT number and is not tracked to a specific vehicle. If an at-fault crash negatively affects the CSA score, then the bypass rate of all vehicles operating under that USDOT number could be affected. How much this is affected depends on how high or low the initial CSA score was for the carrier.

  • Can I install Drivewyze and login to a second phone or tablet?

    A driver can install Drivewyze onto a second device, and log in with the same username and password, and choose the same vehicle that he normally does.The first time a driver installs and logs into Drivewyze on a second device, the driver will get a pull in command at the first weigh station or inspection site that he approaches — which is how the Drivewyze system completes a new pairing of driver and device. Following this initial pull in, the driver should begin to receive bypass commands on the new device with the same frequency that he received them using the original device.

  • Can I log into Drivewyze on two or more devices and use them at the same time?

    Although a driver can login to multiple devices at the same time, and choose the same vehicle, we recommend that drivers log into only one device at a time.This is because there can be a “random pull in factor” in place within a given jurisdiction, as determined by state law enforcement. For example, in a given state, a driver operating under a carrier that has an ISS score greater than a certain number might be given a pull in command 10% of the time — and would receive bypass commands 90% of the time. Because of this, if two logged in devices are both in operation as a driver approaches a weigh station or inspection site, a driver may end up seeing a bypass command on one device, and a pull in command on the other, at the same time. If this happens, a driver should always follow the pull in command. To avoid confusion, we recommend logging into only one device at a time.

  • What if I am carrying an over-dimensional and overweight load?

    Over-dimensional and overweight loads are required to pull in regardless of how good their safety scores are, as law enforcement officers need to confirm that these carriers have the appropriate permits. We are working on incorporating an information system that includes permits so that truckers with over-dimensional and overweight loads can get more bypasses. Until then, these loads are required to pull in.

  • What if my data has issues reconnecting?

    Data reconnection may take up to 10 seconds after a user completes a voice call, as CDMA networks do not support simultaneous voice and data connections.

  • The first time I encounter a Drivewyze-supported weigh scale, do I need to go inside to talk to an officer, or do anything else to complete my service activation?

    No. Just follow the inspection site instructions and pull-in if it’s open. There is no need to park in back, go into the station, or provide any special information to the officer. Just pull in as you would normally. That will complete the Drivewyze PreClear service activation process, and you will then start receiving bypasses at a rate depending on your carrier safety score.

  • How can I re-display the most recent driving instruction I’ve received?

    If you ever want to re-display the most recent driving instruction you’ve received, use the Recall Feature. This can be helpful if you want to check for your own interests, or, for example, if you want to prove to Law Enforcement that you just received a bypass.

    In both the Android and iOS versions of our app, you can reach the Recall Feature by tapping on the icon that appears near the top-right corner of the Ready Screen. On Android, the icon looks like a small clock. On iOS, the icon looks like a piece of paper with lines on it. Tapping on this icon will result in your most recent driving instruction being displayed again, along with related location information.

  • When the Drivewyze app gives me a driving instruction, is that instruction coming from Drivewyze or Law Enforcement?

    Good question. In actuality, the individual driving instructions displayed by the Drivewyze app are actually being determined by Law Enforcement, and are based on automatic screening rules they set up on a site by site basis. So, you can think of the Drivewyze PreClear app as only being the “messenger” for that information, and NOT the originator of it. Put another way, Drivewyze is not involved in the decision-making process of you getting a bypass or not. Instead, we provide the technology and mechanism to communicate those driving decisions to you. So, for example, if the app shows that you’ve just received a bypass at an open Drivewyze site, that bypass instruction was actually given to you by Law Enforcement, based on their screening rules. Again, Drivewyze is just the technology platform that was used to communicate Law Enforcement’s instruction to you.

  • When do I need to start the app?

    Launch the app before every trip, and then just leave it running in the background. If the app isn’t running and ready at least 2-3 miles BEFORE you reach a Drivewyze supported site, you may not get a bypass or notification of an upcoming site.

  • Will different phones perform differently with the Drivewyze application?

    Some manufacturer differences may have a minor impact on system performance. It should not be noticeable nor affect the usability of the service.

  • I used to get bypasses, but they’ve stopped and I’m just getting “Follow Road Signs”. What happened?

    1) Your free bypass trial has expired, or your paid bypass service has been cancelled

    2) You may have installed Drivewyze in a new phone or tablet, or you may have uninstalled Drivewyze and reinstalled it. In this case, you’ll be instructed to pull into the next open Drivewyze site you encounter, just as you did the first time you activated your trial (see question above).

  • Where can I get bypasses?

    We’re always working with states to expand the Drivewyze coverage area. Check out our constantly updated coverage map, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so that you can received updates on site coverage.

  • Do I need to submit a vehicle photo?

    During your free bypass trial, you are not required to provide a photo of your truck – but we recommend it anyway, as it helps the weigh station personnel know what to look for when you are passing by on the mainline, and makes things more efficient. This potentially reduces unnecessary pull-ins. When you sign up for the paid bypass subscription service however, a photo of your truck is mandatory.

  • What does the Drivewyze phone application cost?

    The mobile phone application is provided at no charge. Click here to obtain a copy of the application.

  • Will I accumulate costly data usage charges on my smartphone data plan?

    No, the Drivewyze service was designed to incur minimal data costs to even the most limited data plans. The mobile application only transfers a small amount of data to determine a bypass request, and only at service sites.

  • Will Drivewyze performance be affected by which mobile network provider I use?

    There may be slight variations in performance between mobile carriers depending on the geographic location of participating weigh stations. This should be insignificant to the operation of the service.

  • Do I need to have a data/internet connection turned on to use Drivewyze on my smartphone?

    Yes, the Drivewyze app requires that you have a data connection (sometimes called an “internet connection”) which is on and available for use when approaching a site so that it can submit a bypass request on your behalf to our servers.

    It will also require that same connection to receive a response to the bypass request it sent for you.  If the Drivewyze app can’t access a data connection during a site visit for any reason, it won’t be able to show “BYPASS”, and instead it’ll show “FOLLOW ROAD SIGNS”.

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