How It Works

Curious about how Drivewyze works?

Watch this short video to see how Drivewyze PreClear delivers weigh station notifications and bypass services to tablets, smartphones, and select ELDs:

Drivewyze is the Nation’s largest weigh station bypass service — which means Drivewyze customers get more bypasses. You will be eligible to receive bypasses at over 600 sites in 38 states.

Drivers love bypassing scales with Drivewyze – but don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials page!

Stop waiting. Start bypassing scales.

If you’re using an iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android device, you can try the Drivewyze bypass service for 30 days free, to see if it’s right for you. After your 30 day trial, if you decide to subscribe, the service is just $15.75 a month.  Bypasses are only granted at weigh stations and inspection sites that are participating in the Drivewyze bypass program. Take a look at our Coverage Map to view a complete list.

Bypass rates are based on the carrier score of the DOT# that you are driving under. The better the safety score, the better the bypass rate – up to 98% of the time. The average Drivewyze subscriber receives more than 130 bypasses a year, a savings of over $1,200! So what are you waiting for? Start  your free bypass trial now by installing Drivewyze on your mobile device:

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When using the bypass service, the Drivewyze app will notify you when you are 2 miles and 1 mile from a weigh station or inspection site. Then you will be instructed to either “Follow Road Signs” and pull in, or “Bypass” the site. If you are participating in another transponder based program, you may be instructed to “Follow Transponder,” and either pull in or bypass depending on what the transponder indicates.

The first time you approach an open site that is participating the Drivewyze service you will be instructed to “Follow Road Signs” and pull-in. This pull in will activate your trial, and after that you can start receiving bypasses at Drivewyze supported sites.

Click here to view our Android User Guide.

Click here to iOS (Apple) User Guide.

Be Prepared with Free Heads Up Alerts

Drivewyze Heads Up Alerts are a free service available to drivers using Android devices. It provides visual and audio alerts in advance of over 1200 weigh stations, nationwide. To get started, simply download and launch the Android Drivewyze PreClear app. That’s it. The app is ready to go, and you will receive Heads Up alerts 2 miles and 1 mile in advance of fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites.

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