States and sites noted with an asterisk (*) currently provide bypasses to Android and Rand McNally devices ONLY. All other devices will not be able to receive bypasses in these states and sites.

Last update on Thursday January 22nd, 2015.


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Heflin I-20 WB Fixed 209


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Ashdown HWY-71 NA Fixed N/A
Bridgeport I-55 NB Fixed N/A
Hope I-30 EB Fixed 26
Hope I-30 WB Fixed 26
Lehi I-40 EB Fixed 273
Marion I-55 SB Fixed 9
Riverside I-40 WB Fixed 283
Springdale I-540 NB Fixed 72.5
Springdale I-540 SB Fixed 71


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Cortez RT-160 NB Fixed 35
Cortez RT-160 SB Fixed 35
Dumont I-70 EB Fixed 233
Dumont I-70 WB Fixed
Fort Collins I-25 NB Fixed 267
Fort Collins I-25 SB Fixed 267
Fort Morgan I-76 EB Fixed
Fort Morgan I-76 WB Fixed
Lamar US287/50 EB Fixed
Lamar US287/50 WB Fixed
Limon I-70 EB Fixed 360
Limon I-70 WB Fixed N/A
Loma I-70 EB Fixed N/A
Loma I-70 WB Fixed N/A
Monument I-25 NB Fixed
Monument I-25 SB Fixed
Trinidad I-25 NB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Danbury I-84 EB Fixed 71
Greenwich I-95 NB Fixed
Middletown I-91 NB Fixed 21
Union I-84 WB Fixed 95
Waterford I-95 NB Fixed 89
Waterford I-95 SB Fixed 89


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Delaware Toll Plaza I-95 NB Mobile
Delaware Turnpike Inspection Point 295/I-95 SB Mobile
Limestone Inspection RT-7 NB Mobile
Limestone Inspection RT-7 SB Mobile
Middletown RT-301 NB Fixed
Newport Gap Pike Inspection US-41 SB Mobile
Terminal Ave Inspection Point Terminal-Ave NA Mobile


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Flagler I-95 NB Fixed
Flagler I-95 SB Fixed
Madison I-10 EB Fixed
Madison I-10 WB Fixed
Martin I-95 NB Fixed
Pensacola I-10 EB Fixed
Pensacola I-10 WB Fixed
Punta Gorda I-75 NB Fixed
Punta Gorda I-75 SB Fixed
Seffner I-4 EB Fixed
Seffner I-4 WB Fixed
Sneads I-10 EB Fixed
Sneads I-10 WB Fixed
White Springs I-75 NB Fixed
White Springs I-75 SB Fixed
Wildwood I-75 NB Fixed
Wildwood I-75 SB Fixed
Yulee I-95 NB Fixed
Yulee I-95 SB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Bryan I-16 EB Fixed
Bryan I-16 WB Fixed
Carroll I-20 WB Fixed
Catoosa I-75 NB Fixed
Catoosa I-75 SB Fixed
Chatham I-95 SB Fixed
Columbia I-20 EB Fixed
Columbia I-20 WB Fixed
Douglas I-20 EB Fixed
Franklin I-85 NB Fixed
Franklin I-85 SB Fixed
Lowndes I-75 NB Fixed
Lowndes I-75 SB Fixed
McIntosh I-95 NB Fixed
McIntosh I-95 SB Fixed
Monroe I-75 NB Fixed
Monroe I-75 SB Fixed
Troup I-85 NB Fixed
Troup I-85 SB Fixed

Idaho *

Site Site Type Mile Marker
East Boise * I-84 EB Fixed
East Boise * I-84 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Chesterton I-94 EB Fixed
Chesterton I-94 WB Fixed
Lowell I-65 SB Fixed
Richmond I-70 WB Fixed
Seymour I-65 NB Fixed
Seymour I-65 SB Fixed
Terre Haute I-70 EB Fixed
Warren I-69 SB Fixed
West Harrison I-74 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Belleville US-81 SB Fixed
Kanorado I-70 EB Fixed
Liberal US-54 EB Fixed
Olathe I-35 NB Fixed
Olathe I-35 SB Fixed
South Haven I-35 NB Fixed
Wabaunsee I-70 EB Fixed
Wabaunsee I-70 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Laurell County I-75 NB Fixed 33
Laurell County I-75 SB Fixed 34
Lyon I-24 EB Fixed 35
Lyon I-24 WB Fixed 37
Rowan I-64 WB Fixed 148


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Beddington RT-9 WB Mobile 236
Caribou RT-1 NB Mobile
Ellsworth RT-1 EB Mobile
Ellsworth RT-1 WB Mobile
Freeport RT-295 NB Mobile 18
Hampden I-95 NB Mobile
Hampden I-95 SB Mobile 179
Hinkley (Skowhegan) RT-201 NB Mobile
Hollis Fire Station RT-5 WB Mobile
Houlton RT-1 SB Mobile
Kittery I-95 SB Fixed 5
Kittery (Portsmouth) RT-1 NB Mobile 4
Kittery (Portsmouth) RT-1 SB Mobile 4
Lebanon RT-202 NB Mobile
Old Town I-95 SB Fixed 199
Pittsfield I-95 NB Mobile 148
Pittsfield I-95 SB Mobile 148
Portland Exit 44 RT-295/I-95 WB Mobile 1
Presque Isle RT-1 SB Mobile
Rumford RT-2 NB Mobile
Sandy Bay POE RT-201 SB Mobile
Sidney I-95 SB Fixed 117
South Berwick RT-4 SB Mobile
York I-95 NB Fixed 5


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Cecilton US-301 SB Fixed 122
Conowingo W & Insp US-1 NA Fixed
Delmar RT-13 NB Fixed 41
Delmar RT-13 SB Fixed 40
Finzel W & Insp I-68 EB Fixed 31
Foy Hill W & Insp Pulaski-Hwy EB Fixed 4
Hyattstown RT-270 NB Fixed 20
Hyattstown RT-270 SB Fixed 20
New Market W & Insp I-70 EB Fixed 63
Park & Ride I-95/I-495 NA Fixed
Parkton I-83 SB Fixed 35
Snow Hill US-113 EB Mobile 10
Upper Marlboro W & Insp US-301 NB Fixed
Upper Marlboro W & Insp US-301 SB Fixed
Vienna W & Insp US-50 EB Fixed 98
West Friendship W & Insp * I-70 WB Fixed 79


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Attleboro I-95 NB Mobile
Attleboro I-95 SB Mobile
Barnstable Rt-6 EB Mobile
Barnstable Rt-6 WB Mobile
Cheshire Rt-8 NA Mobile
Deerfield I-91 NB Mobile
Deerfield I-91 SB Mobile
Lancaster Rt-2 EB Mobile
Lancaster Rt-2 WB Mobile
Raynham I-95 NB Mobile
Raynham I-95 SB Mobile
Rowley I-95 NB Mobile
Rowley I-95 SB Mobile
Seekonk I-95 EB Mobile
Seekonk I-95 WB Mobile
Sturbridge I-84 NB Mobile
Sturbridge I-84 SB Mobile
Uxbridge Rt-146 NB Mobile
Uxbridge Rt-146 SB Mobile

Michigan *

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Fowlerville * I-96 WB Fixed
Monroe (La Salle) * I-75 NB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Carlton I-35 NB Mobile 236
Carlton I-35 SB Fixed 237
Clarks Grove HWY-35 NB Mobile 17
Clarks Grove HWY-35 SB Mobile 17
Daytonport HWY-10 EB Fixed 219
Daytonport HWY-10 WB Fixed 219
Erskine HWY-2 NA Fixed 56
Forest Lake I-35 NB Mobile 128
Forest Lake I-35 SB Fixed
Moorhead I-94 EB Fixed 4
Nodine I-90 EB Mobile 261
Nodine I-90 WB Mobile 261
Saginaw HWY-2 NA Fixed 244
St Croix I-94 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Corinth RT-45-Bypass NB Fixed
Corinth RT-45-Bypass SB Fixed
Crossroads RT-26 WB Fixed
Iuka US-72 EB Fixed
Iuka US-72 WB Fixed
Lucedale US-98 EB Fixed
Lucedale US-98 WB Fixed
Nesbit I-55 NB Fixed 285
Nesbit I-55 SB Fixed 286
Nicholson I-59 NB Fixed 1
Nicholson I-59 SB Fixed
Osyka I-55 NB Fixed 1.5
Sandy Hook Hwy-35 NB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Foristell I-70 EB Fixed
Foristell I-70 WB Fixed
Joplin I-44 EB Fixed
Joplin I-44 WB Fixed
Mayview I-70 EB Fixed
Mayview I-70 WB Fixed
St Clair I-44 EB Fixed
St Clair I-44 WB Fixed

Montana *

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Wibaux * I-94 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Apex I-15 SB Mobile 61
Bordertown US-395 NB Mobile
Bordertown US-395 SB Mobile
Ely US-6 EB Mobile
Garson I-80 EB Mobile
Mustang I-80 WB Mobile 25
Osino I-80 EB Mobile 312
Osino I-80 WB Mobile 312
Sloan I-15 NB Mobile
Wadsworth I-80 EB Mobile 42
Winnemucca US-95 NB Mobile

New Hampshire

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Canterbury I-93 NB Mobile
Durham RT-4 WB Mobile
Epping W & Insp RT-101 EB Mobile 119
Epping W & Insp RT-101 WB Mobile 120
Hampton Toll I-95 NB Mobile
Hampton Toll I-95 SB Mobile 4.2
Lebanon I-89 NB Mobile 57
Windham (Derry) I-93 NB Fixed 7.4
Windham (Derry) I-93 SB Fixed 8

New Mexico

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Alamogordo US-54 SB Mobile 56
Anthony I-10 WB Fixed 160
Carlsbad US-62/US-180 WB Fixed 26
Carrizozo US-54 SB Mobile 119
Cedar Hill US-550 SB Mobile 173
Clayton US-87 WB Mobile 8
Gallup I-40 EB Fixed 12
Gallup I-40 WB Mobile 12
Hobbs US-62 WB Fixed 108
Lordsburg I-10/US-70 EB Fixed 24
Lordsburg I-10/US-70 WB Fixed 24
Loving US-285 SB Mobile 24
Melrose US-60/US-84 EB Mobile 365.5
Melrose US-60/US-84 WB Mobile 366
Nara Visa US-54 WB Fixed 350
Orogrande US-54 NB Fixed 40
Raton I-25/US-87 SB Fixed 0
Roswell US-285 NB Mobile 150
Roswell US-285 SB Mobile 150
Route 70 US-70 EB Mobile 340
Route 70 US-70 WB Mobile 340
San Jon I-40 EB Fixed 356
San Jon I-40 WB Fixed 356
Texico US-60/US-70/US-84 WB Fixed 397
Tinaja Rest Area I-25 NB Mobile 434
Tinaja Rest Area I-25 SB Mobile 435
Tularosa US-54 NB Mobile 78
Vaughn US-60/US-285 EB Mobile 204
Villanueva US-84 EB Mobile 325
Villanueva US-84 WB Mobile 325
Waldo Canyon Road I-25 NB Mobile 267
Waldo Canyon Road I-25 SB Mobile 267

New York

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Clifton Park I-87 NB Mobile
Lafayette I-81 NB Mobile
Lafayette I-81 SB Mobile
Nichols I-86 EB Mobile
Nichols I-86 WB Mobile
Preble I-81 NB Mobile
Queensbury I-87 NB Mobile
Queensbury I-87 SB Mobile
Schodack I-90 WB Mobile

North Carolina

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Ashville I-40 WB Fixed
Halifax I-95 NB Fixed
Lumberton I-95 SB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Bridgeville Rest Area I-79 NB Mobile 50
Bridgeville Rest Area I-79 SB Mobile 51
Clarion I-80 EB Fixed 55
Clarion I-80 WB Mobile 56
Claysville Welcome Center I-70 EB Mobile
Grantville Rest Area I-81 NB Mobile 79
Grantville Rest Area I-81 SB Mobile 79
Kirby Rest Area I-79 NB Mobile
Lone Pine I-79 SB Mobile
Marcus Hook Welcome Center I-95 NB Mobile 0.4

Rhode Island

Site Site Type Mile Marker
Jamestown Bridge RT-138 EB Mobile
Jamestown Bridge RT-138 WB Mobile
Mt. Hope Bridge Rt-114 NB Mobile
Mt. Hope Bridge Rt-114 SB Mobile
Newport Bridge RT-138 EB Mobile
North Scituate RT-6 EB Mobile
North Scituate RT-6 WB Mobile
North Smithfield RT-146 NB Mobile 1
North Smithfield RT-146 SB Mobile 3
Sakonnet Bridge RT-24 NB Mobile
Sakonnet Bridge RT-24 SB Mobile
Wyoming I-95 NB Mobile 10
Wyoming I-95 SB Mobile 10


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Giles I-65 NB Fixed
Haywood I-40 EB Fixed 49
Haywood I-40 WB Fixed 50
Knox I-40 EB Fixed 371
Knox I-40 WB Fixed 372
Manchester I-24 EB Fixed 116
Manchester I-24 WB Fixed 116
Robertson I-65 NB Fixed 119
Robertson I-65 SB Fixed 120


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Abernathy I-27 NB Fixed 24
Abernathy I-27 SB Fixed 24
Alamo US-83 EB Mobile 872
Alamo US-83 WB Mobile 872
Anthony I-10 WB Mobile 1
Beeville US-59 EB Fixed
Beeville US-59 WB Fixed 690
Big Spring North US-87 NA Mobile 375
Bridgeport Hwy-114 SB Fixed 560
Brookshire I-10 EB Fixed 729
Carlsbad US-87 SB Mobile 456
Centerville I-45 SB Fixed 167
Childress US-287 NB Fixed 230
Childress US-287 SB Fixed
Devine I-35 NB Fixed 119
Devine I-35 SB Fixed 119
Diboll US-59 SB Fixed 403
El Paso East US-62/180 WB Mobile 40
El Toro US-59 SB Fixed 620
Falfurrias US-281 SB Fixed 714
Fannin US-59 NB Fixed 658
Fannin US-59 SB Fixed 658
Henrietta US-287 SB Fixed 368
Hungerford US-59 NB Fixed 564
Inez US-59 NB Fixed 622
Iowa Park US-287 NB Mobile 331
Iowa Park US-287 SB Mobile 331
Jacksboro US-281 SB Mobile 252
Karnes US-181 SB Fixed 558
Kennedale US-287 NB Mobile 479
Kennedale US-287 SB Mobile 479
Kingsbury I-10 EB Fixed 616
Kingsbury I-10 WB Fixed 616
Mt Pleasant I-30 EB Fixed 158
Mt Pleasant I-30 WB Fixed 158
New Waverly I-45 NB Fixed 101
Pampa US-60 NA Fixed 390
Penwell I-20 EB Fixed 104
Penwell I-20 WB Mobile 103
Queen City US-59 NB Fixed 232
Refugio US-77 NB Fixed 624
Riviera US-77 NB Fixed
Riviera US-77 SB Fixed
San Marcos I-35 SB Fixed 209
Sealy I-10 WB Fixed 726
Skidmore US-181 NB Fixed 598
Skidmore US-181 SB Fixed 598
Slaton US-84 WB Fixed 336
Snyder US-84 EB Fixed 410
Terrell I-20 EB Fixed 512
Terrell I-20 WB Fixed 512
Three Rivers I-37 NB Fixed 74
Three Rivers I-37 SB Fixed 75
Tilden Hwy-16 NB Fixed
Tilden Hwy-16 SB Fixed 670
Tyler (Lindale) I-20 EB Fixed 546
Tyler (Lindale) I-20 WB Fixed 546
Van Horn I-10 EB Mobile 137
Van Horn I-10 WB Mobile 146
Wilmer I-45 NB Fixed 272
Wilmer I-45 SB Fixed 272
Winnie I-10 WB Fixed 821
Zapata US-83 NB Mobile 736


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Echo * I-80 WB Fixed
Perry * I-15 NB Fixed
Perry * I-15 SB Fixed
St George * I-15 NB Fixed
St George I-15 SB Fixed
Wendover I-80 EB Fixed
Wendover I-80 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Barnet I-91 NB Mobile 122
Bradford I-91 NB Mobile 100
Bradford I-91 SB Mobile 100
Brattleboro I-91 NB Mobile 6
Colchester I-89 NB Mobile
Colchester I-89 SB Mobile
Colchester US-7 NB Mobile
Concord US-2 WB Mobile
Coventry I-91 NB Mobile 167
Coventry I-91 SB Mobile 167
Emerald Lake US-7 SB Mobile
Fairhaven RT-4 EB Fixed
Georgia I-89 NB Mobile 110
Georgia I-89 SB Mobile 111
Guilford I-91 NB Mobile
Hartford I-91 NB Fixed 69
Hartford I-91 SB Fixed 69
IRA US-4 WB Mobile
Lyndon I-91 SB Mobile 141
N.Clarendon RT-7 NB Mobile
N.Clarendon RT-7 SB Mobile
Putney I-91 NB Fixed
Putney I-91 SB Fixed
Randolph I-89 NB Mobile 34
Randolph I-89 SB Mobile 34
Ryegate I-91 NB Mobile 115
Ryegate I-91 SB Mobile 114
Searsburg VT-9 EB Mobile
Sharon I-89 NB Mobile 9
Sharon I-89 SB Mobile 9
Springfield I-91 NB Mobile 39
Springfield I-91 SB Mobile 39
Vernon I-91 SB Mobile 4
Waterbury I-89 NB Mobile
Waterbury I-89 SB Mobile
Wheelock I-91 NB Mobile 143
Williston I-89 NB Mobile 82
Williston I-89 SB Mobile