States and sites noted with an asterisk (*) currently provide bypasses to Android and Rand McNally devices ONLY. All other devices will not be able to receive bypasses in these states and sites.

Last update on Monday April 13th, 2015.


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Heflin I-20 WB Fixed 209


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Alma I-40 EB Fixed 9
Alma I-40 WB Fixed 9
Ashdown HWY-71 NA Fixed N/A
Bridgeport I-55 NB Fixed N/A
Hope I-30 EB Fixed 26
Hope I-30 WB Fixed 26
Lehi I-40 EB Fixed 273
Marion I-55 SB Fixed 9
Riverside I-40 WB Fixed 283
Springdale I-540 NB Fixed 72.5
Springdale I-540 SB Fixed 71


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Cortez RT-160 NB Fixed 35
Cortez RT-160 SB Fixed 35
Dumont I-70 EB Fixed 233
Dumont I-70 WB Fixed
Fort Collins I-25 NB Fixed 267
Fort Collins I-25 SB Fixed 267
Fort Morgan I-76 EB Fixed
Fort Morgan I-76 WB Fixed
Lamar US287/50 EB Fixed
Lamar US287/50 WB Fixed
Limon I-70 EB Fixed 360
Limon I-70 WB Fixed N/A
Loma I-70 EB Fixed N/A
Loma I-70 WB Fixed N/A
Monument I-25 NB Fixed
Monument I-25 SB Fixed
Trinidad I-25 NB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Danbury I-84 EB Fixed 71
Greenwich I-95 NB Fixed
Middletown I-91 NB Fixed 21
Union I-84 WB Fixed 95
Waterford I-95 NB Fixed 89
Waterford I-95 SB Fixed 89


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Delaware Toll Plaza I-95 NB Mobile
Delaware Turnpike Inspection Point 295/I-95 SB Mobile
Limestone Inspection RT-7 NB Mobile
Limestone Inspection RT-7 SB Mobile
Middletown RT-301 NB Fixed
Newport Gap Pike Inspection US-41 SB Mobile
Terminal Ave Inspection Point Terminal-Ave NA Mobile


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Baxter Hwy-2 NA Agricultural
Branford Hwy-27 EB Agricultural
Branford Hwy-27 WB Agricultural
Day CR-250 EB Agricultural
Day CR-250 WB Agricultural
Ellaville US-90 EB Agricultural
Ellaville US-90 WB Agricultural
Fanning Springs US-19 NB Agricultural
Fanning Springs US-19 SB Agricultural
Flagler I-95 NB Fixed
Flagler I-95 SB Fixed
Interstate 10 I-10 EB Agricultural
Interstate 10 I-10 WB Agricultural
Interstate 10 West I-10 EB Agricultural
Interstate 75 I-75 NB Agricultural
Interstate 75 I-75 SB Agricultural
Interstate 95 I-95 NB Agricultural
Interstate 95 I-95 SB Agricultural
Lake City US-441 NB Agricultural
Lake City US-441 SB Agricultural
Luraville Hwy-51 NB Agricultural
Luraville Hwy-51 SB Agricultural
Macclenny SR-121 NB Agricultural
Macclenny SR-121 SB Agricultural
Madison I-10 EB Fixed
Madison I-10 WB Fixed
Martin I-95 NB Fixed
Nobles Ferry SR-751 NB Agricultural
Nobles Ferry SR-751 SB Agricultural
Pensacola I-10 EB Fixed
Pensacola I-10 WB Fixed
Punta Gorda I-75 NB Fixed
Punta Gorda I-75 SB Fixed
Rock Bluff Hwy-340 EB Agricultural
Rock Bluff Hwy-340 WB Agricultural
Seffner I-4 EB Fixed
Seffner I-4 WB Fixed
Sneads I-10 EB Fixed
Sneads I-10 WB Fixed
St George Hwy-2 EB Agricultural
St George Hwy-2 WB Agricultural
Suwannee Springs US-129 NB Agricultural
Suwannee Springs US-129 SB Agricultural
White Springs I-75 NB Fixed
White Springs I-75 SB Fixed
White Springs US-41 NB Agricultural
White Springs US-41 SB Agricultural
White Springs 2 SR-136 EB Agricultural
White Springs 2 SR-136 WB Agricultural
Wildwood I-75 NB Fixed
Wildwood I-75 SB Fixed
Yulee I-95 NB Fixed
Yulee I-95 SB Fixed
Yulee US-17 NB Agricultural
Yulee US-17 SB Agricultural


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Bryan I-16 EB Fixed
Bryan I-16 WB Fixed
Carroll I-20 WB Fixed
Catoosa I-75 NB Fixed
Catoosa I-75 SB Fixed
Chatham I-95 SB Fixed
Columbia I-20 EB Fixed
Columbia I-20 WB Fixed
Douglas I-20 EB Fixed
Franklin I-85 NB Fixed
Franklin I-85 SB Fixed
Lowndes I-75 NB Fixed
Lowndes I-75 SB Fixed
McIntosh I-95 NB Fixed
McIntosh I-95 SB Fixed
Monroe I-75 NB Fixed
Monroe I-75 SB Fixed
Troup I-85 NB Fixed
Troup I-85 SB Fixed

Idaho *

Site Site Type Mile Marker
East Boise * I-84 EB Fixed
East Boise * I-84 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Chesterton I-94 EB Fixed
Chesterton I-94 WB Fixed
Lowell I-65 SB Fixed
Richmond I-70 WB Fixed
Seymour I-65 NB Fixed
Seymour I-65 SB Fixed
Terre Haute I-70 EB Fixed
Warren I-69 SB Fixed
West Harrison I-74 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Belleville US-81 SB Fixed
Kanorado I-70 EB Fixed
Liberal US-54 EB Fixed
Olathe I-35 NB Fixed
Olathe I-35 SB Fixed
South Haven I-35 NB Fixed
Wabaunsee I-70 EB Fixed
Wabaunsee I-70 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Boone County I-71 SB Fixed 76
Elizabethtown I-65 SB Fixed 90
Fulton County US-51 NB Fixed
Georgetown I-75 NB Fixed 130
Henderson US-41 SB Fixed 21
Kenton County I-75 SB Fixed 169
London I-75 NB Fixed
London I-75 SB Fixed
Lyon County I-24 EB Fixed
Lyon County I-24 WB Fixed
Morehead I-64 WB Fixed
Shelbyville I-64 EB Fixed 38
Simpson County I-65 NB Fixed 4


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Baptist I-12 EB Fixed
Baptist I-12 WB Fixed
Breaux Bridge I-10 EB Fixed
Breaux Bridge I-10 WB Fixed
Delta I-20 EB Fixed
Delta I-20 WB Fixed
Greenwood I-20 EB Fixed
Greenwood I-20 WB Fixed
Kentwood I-55 SB Fixed
Laplace I-10 EB Fixed
Laplace I-10 WB Fixed
Starks State-Rte-12 EB Fixed
Starks State-Rte-12 WB Fixed
Toomey I-10 WB Fixed


Site Site Type Mile Marker
Beddington RT-9 WB Mobile 236
Caribou RT-1 NB Mobile
Ellsworth RT-1 EB Mobile
Ellsworth RT-1 WB Mobile
Freeport RT-295 NB Mobile 18
Hampden I-95 NB Mobile
Hampden I-95 SB Mobile 179
Hinkley (Skowhegan) RT-201 NB Mobile
Hollis Fire Station RT-5 WB Mobile
Houlton RT-1 SB Mobile
Kittery I-95 SB Fixed 5
Kittery (Portsmouth) RT-1 NB Mobile 4
Kittery (Portsmouth) RT-1 SB Mobile 4
Lebanon RT-202 NB Mobile
Old Town I-95 SB Fixed 199
Pittsfield I-95 NB Mobile 148