We’re Serious About Driver Privacy

Drivewyze uses the best, most secure mobile technology. Here is a promise we make to you:

We don’t collect and share driver data.

We don’t support mandatory driver data sharing.

We don’t provide location tracking info to third parties.

We protect our customers from prying eyes.

By leveraging cellular data networks, the internet and GPS, Drivewyze is able to transmit data in a far more advanced way than a traditional transponder-based bypass program.

But we also provide more advanced driver privacy protection than anyone else. Privacy is a promise we make to you:

We don’t collect hours of service information, and don’t share driver data such as location tracking, with anyone.

We don’t think drivers should be required to provide this kind of private data in the future, either. We don’t support any plans to make driver data sharing mandatory.

All of our iOS and Android app data transmissions are encrypted. This means prying eyes can’t snoop– unlike transponder transmissions, which could be read by anyone with a transponder reader.

Drivewyze PreClear provides safe carriers and drivers with a powerful tool to bypass weigh stations safely and legally, without compromising privacy. The ability to operate in each state providing weigh station bypass for truck operators and fleets is a privilege we’ve earned. We take that seriously.

We think modern mobile technology like ours opens up a whole new world of safety and efficiency possibilities for commercial drivers, carriers, law enforcement and the general public alike.

And we think it’s important for all of us involved in the commercial trucking industry to work together to determine the best way to leverage new technologies like ours, so that everyone wins. Our aim is for regulators to use new technologies to establish voluntary programs that reward safety, not to create mandatory programs that enforce compliance.

We’d like to hear what you think. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us at privacy@drivewyze.com.

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