Drivewyze Bypass Program in Alberta

About the Drivewyze PreClear bypass program in Alberta

Enrollment in the Drivewyze PreClear bypass program in Alberta has now been expanded to include carriers with an audited Alberta Transportation Fitness Rating of Satisfactory or Excellent. Membership in the Alberta Partners in Compliance (PIC) program is no longer a requirement.

Carriers who were previously enrolled in the Drivewyze bypass program in Alberta, through Alberta PIC, remain enrolled.

At this time, Alberta bypass service is available for trucks equipped with ELDs from ISAAC Instruments, Omnitracs Canada, Trimble (PeopleNet), and on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How does a carrier obtain a Fitness Rating?

A. Please refer to this Government of Alberta webpage for information on obtaining a Fitness Rating.


Q. How does a carrier obtain an Audited Fitness Rating?

A. There are three ways an audit can occur:

  1.  A carrier may be audited by the province if they are placed on a provincial monitoring list (to monitor collisions, convictions, etc.).
  2.  A carrier may undergo an audit by the province through the standard process of applying for a specific safety permit (e.g. long combination vehicles), which require an Audited Satisfactory Rating.
  3.  A carrier can volunteer to undergo an audit by one of roughly 45 third party auditors in the province.

Note that all audits incur a cost, whether completed by a third party or the province, and that the price varies by fleet size. Please visit this Government of Alberta webpage for list of certified 3rd party auditors.


Q. Can out of province carriers participate?

A. Yes, out of province carriers with operations in Alberta (e.g. physical staffed address for operations where records are kept), can participate, but only if the trucks have Alberta license plates.


If you are interested in enrolling in the Alberta bypass program, or have questions about eligibility or ELD compatibility requirements, please contact Drivewyze directly at: 1-888-988-1590, or click here.

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