Alberta Partners in Compliance Bypass Program

About Drivewyze and the Alberta Partners in Compliance (PIC) Bypass Program

Drivewyze is the official technology partner for the Alberta Partners In Compliance (PIC) program, offering bypass opportunities at 25 fixed weigh stations and 31 mobile across the province.

Rather than delivering bypasses through a transponder, Drivewyze provides the bypass service at Alberta PIC sites via compatible in-cab devices, including:

The bypass program is available for Alberta PIC members in good standing, at a cost of $5.83 per truck, per month.

For more information about the Partners in Compliance program, and about becoming a member, please visit

For more information about Drivewyze, or to sign up trucks to participate in the Alberta PIC bypass program, Alberta PIC member carriers can contact Drivewyze directly at: 1-888-988-1590.

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