Combining Toll Payment and Weigh Station Bypass Services for a More Efficient Fleet

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The trucking industry is booming, and with that growth comes various challenges. One of those challenges is managing toll payments and weigh stations. Instead of managing both services separately, combining them into a single, integrated solution can create efficiency for your fleet.

The primary reason to have an integrated solution is that they both use the same transponder, as seen with PrePass. However, relying on transponder technology has its limitations.

We’ll explain the best way to combine toll payment and weigh station bypass services for you and the truckers in your fleet.

The Limitations of Transponder-based Solutions

While transponder technology is effective for the 60 separate tolling agencies that use it, it limits a fleet’s weigh station bypass potential to only those fixed or mobile sites where infrastructure exists. Transponder technology requires gantries, RFID readers, and physical infrastructure connected to weigh stations, making it difficult to cover more sites and states.

Drivewyze offers an alternative — GPS and mobile internet-based bypasses. This alternative provides full functionality while covering more locations. That’s why Drivewyze has a more extensive bypass network. While toll bypass doesn’t exist, you can think of solutions like PreClear, and e-Inspection, like a weigh station e-zpass.

With that in mind, fleet managers no longer need to rely on one technology. They can choose the best tolling system services provider and the best bypass services provider that suit their needs.

That’s where Drivewyze comes in. Our partnership with Bestpass lets carriers get the best of both worlds without being tied down by one provider or limited to specific technologies. Plus, we’re both larger than the consolidated toll and bypass services offered by PrePass.

Benefits of Integrating Toll Payment and Weigh Station Bypass Management

Integrating toll payment and weigh station bypass management offers numerous advantages to long-distance fleets. Bypass technology enables electronic logging devices (ELDs) already used in fleet vehicles to inform drivers of their eligibility for a weigh station bypass. It helps to save money, and time, increase production, and boost revenue.

Additionally, leveraging data from both toll rates and bypass transactions can give a more complete picture of fleet operations, enabling both drivers and fleet managers to make better decisions that maximize efficiency.

Technology Empowering Fleets and Drivers

Integrating bypass eligibility data into vehicle-based ELDs can help address challenges, providing insights and unified communication at all levels of fleet responsibility.

ELDs can inform drivers when they are approaching a weigh station, whether it is a fixed or mobile location, and also let them know if they are eligible for a bypass based on their most current safety score information. Fleet managers can leverage this additional data to gain a more comprehensive view of individual vehicle operations.

The same applies to tolling data, further adding to a holistic and comprehensive view of fleet operations. Combining information about accumulated toll charges, time spent with tolling authorities, and time lost to weigh station visits make it possible to plan the most efficient travel routes with more detail than ever before.

A Fresh Approach for the Trucking Industry

Whether it’s hauling goods from North Carolina to California or anywhere in between, fleets of all sizes face a multitude of challenges that go beyond simply moving items from one place to another.

Dealing with toll roads, weigh station visits, citations, and permits can be a real headache. That’s where innovative companies like Drivewyze and Bestpass come in, transforming the trucking industry with cutting-edge technology.

Curious about the latest developments in the trucking world? Download our Integrating Toll and Bypass Management guide. You’ll learn all about the importance of integrating toll and weigh station bypass technologies and how to make the most of bypass data. Stay ahead of the curve and download today.

Next Steps

Drivewyze is a leader in connected truck services. We have helped thousands of fleets improve fleet efficiency and safety outcomes towards our vision of zero crashes and zero fatalities.

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