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‘You gotta be kidding me’ is probably the politest response a driver will have if they find out they check in overweight at a weigh station. While the bulk of the trucks that have a “weight problem” are work trucks hauling product like gravel and logs, that doesn’t mean general freight always passes through with flying colors. If they did, they wouldn’t be required to weigh in.

Whether a shipper slipped you a few extra pounds in cargo or something else happened, the fines, loss of time and headaches that result from finding out that you’re overweight is awfully deflating. The good news – it’s pretty easy to prevent this situation from happening.

If you’re questioning the weight of your load, why chance an infraction? If you’re constantly hauling bulk products that has varying weights, it’s probably best to know your exact weight before having the ‘official’ weigh-in. You never know when a state trooper may pull you over to check your weight with a portable scale. And, off-loading cargo at a weigh station or on the side of the road and waiting for another truck in your fleet to come and pick up the excess is a pain to say the least.

With truck scale locations spread throughout North America, it’s easy to check your weight to ensure you’re ‘up to code.’ When you think of this service, CAT Scale may come to mind. Their big bright yellow signs are pretty hard to miss. CAT Scale is the largest provider of truck scale services with thousands of locations, many of which are conveniently located near weigh stations.

According to Robert Nichols, a retired law enforcement officer with the state of Maine, receiving CAT Scale slips from drivers is quite common.

“The monetary fines vary state-by-state but receiving a ticket for being overweight is especially expensive in Maine,” said Nichols, who now works with Drivewyze. “I frequently received CAT Scale slips when I was working at weigh stations. It gives drivers added assurance that they will register at a legal weight.”

Whether you’ve used them before, or it’s a service that has never crossed your mind, CAT Scales are there if you need them. And, having your truck weighed only costs about as much as the meal you’ll likely purchase at a quick-service restaurant.

So, who can use a CAT Scale? Anyone. It doesn’t matter the configuration of the tractor-trailer you’re running.

In the event that your fears do come true and you do register in overweight, you won’t be breaking the bank on reweighs. After your first weigh-in, which costs $11.50, you get two reweighs that cost $2 each. Not bad. But, sometimes it can be tough to judge how much weight you really need to cut, so if after three weigh-ins and you still haven’t registered a legal weight, the on-duty manager at the CAT Scale may void your other weigh-ins until you become legal.

It’s no fun to have to off-load, but CAT Scale makes it economical to do so. At least, more economical than paying a fine at a weigh station.

And, the best part about CAT Scale? Say you weigh-in under the legal limit at a CAT Scale and later weigh-in over that figure at a weigh station. Do you have to pay a pricey fine after thinking you were cleared? Nope. CAT Scale has you covered.Through their CAT Scale guarantee, if you receive an overweight fine from a weigh station after registering a legal weight at a CAT Scale location, CAT Scale will immediately check their scale to see if there is anything wrong with it. If their scale is faulty, they’ll reimburse you for the fine. If the scale reads correctly, a representative from CAT Scale Company will go to bat for you and appear in court with you as a witness.

So, if you ever question your tractor-trailer’s true weight, find a scale before going through a weigh station. Giving up a few bucks to know what your weight is could save you big time in the long run!

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