American Trucker Magazine Provides Great Advice on Driver Pay and Bill of Lading

If you didn’t get a chance to see the July 2015 issue of American Trucker, you should take a look at this story written by business editor Timothy Brady entitled “Unraveling the percentage pay mystery.”

The story is about driver pay and trucking companies allowing drivers to view the bill of lading when they’re paid based on a percentage of the load. It also features a prominent photo of Drivewyze users Amanda Jones and Art Johansson, seen in the picture below.

Brady quotes the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, specifically the part that related to copies of the freight bill or other form of freight documentation. Although he admits that he’s no lawyer, and that his opinion shouldn’t be considered legal advice, Brady offers a great perspective from when he drove trucks as an employee and then later as an owner-operator.

Take a look at the article*, which offers advice to fleets on preserving a quality employee/employer relationship by giving drivers who are offered percentage pay the opportunity to see the bill of lading. Brady writes “…it makes common sense to provide documentation showing the total from which driver percentage pay is derived. If the situation was [sic] reversed, what type of documentation would you require so that you knew you were being paid fairly.”

After you’ve read it, tell us what you think by writing to The story starts out:

I came across an interesting discussion the other day on social media about the responsibilities of a trucking company when it pays lease operators or company drivers a percentage of linehaul….For the rest of the story, visit the American Trucker web site at:


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