Drivewyze Helps Drivers Stay On the Road Earning Money

For drivers living paycheck-to-paycheck, inconsistent pay can make it difficult for them to stay with the same company, according to Gordon Klemp, president and CEO of the National Transportation Institute (NTI).

A recent article published on the Heavy Duty Trucking web site,,  discussed how some carriers address driver wages to improve recruiting and retention. The article identified pay stability as a major factor in why so many smaller carriers had much lower turnover rates than larger ones.

Driver earnings can be impacted by unexpected events, breakdowns, or slowdowns in loading and unloading. The delays drivers experience mean there’s that much more time they can’t stay on the road making money. Or the delays make it impossible for drivers to make it in time to their next potential job to take it on.

That’s why we think it’s so important for drivers to be able to keep driving at highway speeds instead of slowing down to go through weigh stations. Since drivers can potentially bypass weigh stations several times in a single day, the delays can add up quickly. We know. The Analytics tool available to fleets through their Drivewyze-enabled ELDs can tell them exactly how much time their drivers lose to missed weigh station bypass opportunities.

And once fleets and their drivers know how much they’re losing, the Drivewyze bypass app can help them do something about it.