Beta Version Coming in Late August Includes Analytics Service to Measure ROI

BURLINGAME, Calif., Aug. 19, 2013 – Drivewyze™ Inc., creator of the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service, announced today that it will offer a beta version of its GPS-based bypass service with free analytics and nationwide weigh station notification into PeopleNet’s onboard telematics computing platforms.

The beta version will be released starting in late August to customers using the PeopleNet TABLET and the PeopleNet BLU.2. The beta version will include a full version of the Drivewyze PreClear bypass service. Interested users should contact their PeopleNet account manager.

“The Drivewyze PreClear Analytics Service will show PeopleNet users the real, hidden costs they incur from unplanned delays due to weigh station pull-ins,” said Brian Heath, president of Drivewyze. “It will tabulate the amount of time it takes for the truck to be processed by inspection officers and other metrics to help fleets determine how the weigh station delays impact their cost-per-mile. Plus, we’ve loaded all of the country’s weigh stations into the system, so Drivewyze PreClear will provide drivers with alerts to upcoming weigh stations so they can be prepared. And that’s whether or not the state’s commercial vehicle inspection agencies yet offer bypass opportunities though our service.”

In July, PeopleNet and Drivewyze announced a reseller agreement to add PreClear to the PeopleNet TABLET® and the PeopleNet BLU.2 onboard computing platforms.

“Overall, our partnership with Drivewyze is a great opportunity to further help our customers improve efficiency through bypass technology,” said Rich Ochsendorf, vice president of operations and product management for PeopleNet. “For Drivewyze to offer our customers the opportunity to try out this ROI-driven service and to see those benefits first-hand is exciting.”

“By providing reports on the amount of time and money they can save in receiving bypasses, fleet managers can make an informed decision about the benefits of subscribing to the Drivewyze PreClear service,” commented Heath.

“An FMCSA study demonstrated that one weigh station stop made for even 5 minutes can save a carrier $8.68 in fuel and time,” he added. “But now with the Drivewyze PreClear Analytics Service available through PeopleNet onboard telematics computing platforms, users will know exactly how much of an ROI they could get by bypassing weigh stations.”

Drivewyze provides local and long-haul carriers with weigh station and inspection site bypass opportunities at both fixed weigh stations and roadside mobile inspection sites. It adds transponder-like functionality through the cellular service network. Unlike traditional methods that use dedicated short-range communication transponders in every truck, Drivewyze doesn’t require the installation of additional equipment. And law enforcement agencies don’t have to deploy expensive roadside equipment to read the transponders.

The Drivewyze PreClear bypass service notifies the driver of an upcoming inspection site 2 miles out. Under a full version of Drivewyze PreClear, drivers receive permission 1 mile out to either bypass or pull into the inspection site if the state enforcement agency has an agreement with Drivewyze to grant bypasses to fleets that meet the agency’s standards. Drivewyze PreClear has agreements with 16 states to provide mobile-based weigh station bypass at 225 inspection sites across the United States, with more added each month.

Whether fleets meet the standards is based on the carrier’s safety records and other standard information checks. The bypass decision is solely controlled by the participating law enforcement agency, which establishes its own criteria based on several factors including safety scores, registration and IFTA tax compliance. It is both safe and easy to use, with assured privacy and data protection, meeting both Federal and state distracted driving laws.

Provided their registration and taxes are in order, along with a strong safety score, most fleets and operators can expect to receive bypasses about 75 percent of the time, Heath said. Those with the strongest safety records, hard-earned ISS scores can earn bypasses up to 98 percent of the time. Even those who are working to improve their fair ISS scores can expect bypasses 50 percent to 75 percent of the time, provided their taxes and registration are in order, he added. About 2 percent of the time, all fleets regardless of safety scores can expect to be pulled in for random inspections.

“We’re happy to be offering this beta version to PeopleNet’s customers through our partnership,” Heath said. “PeopleNet is a leader in the transportation industry and we believe our integrated services are going to help transform the industry and provide fantastic value to PeopleNet customers.”

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