Making a Big Splash

The Omnitracs User Conference is touted as one of the premiere educational and networking events in the trucking industry, “delivering unparalleled ROI and actionable insights for fleets.” This year was no exception. Besides having many knowledgeable speakers and presenters such as Joseph DeLorenzo, director of the office of compliance and enforcement for the FMCSA, Omnitracs announced the availability of Drivewyze weigh stations bypass services on its fleet management platform.

Our Product Manager, Charles, handing out Drivewyze hats at the House of Blues in Dallas, TX.

Drivewyze weigh station bypass service was launched on the Omnitracs MCP 200 and 110 devices in February. And it will be available on the MCP 50 this upcoming Mar  ch as well as Omnitracs’ latest telematics platform, the Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG), by June.

Our new Drivewyze booth seemed to make a great impression on Omnitracs users, but it was the new choice in weigh station bypass services that really wowed them. Not only will they have the opportunity to receive more bypasses at more sites and in more states, but users could request a free analysis thanks to Drivewyze’s Analytics Weigh Station Loss Reporting Tool.

Our brand new booth!

By running this tool, which would run in the background requiring no interaction with drivers, Omnitracs customers can receive a report after 30 days. This report shows them exactly where their trucks pulled into a weigh station and exactly how long they spent there. By providing us their cost-per-mile benchmarks, fleets will know just how much they could save by activating Drivewyze service. It’s not based on industry averages or federal studies completed years ago, but instead, their very own customized numbers.

As our friends at Omnitracs like to say, they’re all about providing fleets with actionable insights. When you can find out exactly how much time and fuel costs you can save with a weigh station bypass service BEFORE you activate it, we think you can’t get much more actionable than that!

If you’re an Omnitracs customer, speak to your account manager to get your free report.