Omnitacs Outlook 2017 Forecast: Foggy, With a Deluge of Savings

Attendees to the Omnitracs Outlook 2017 User Conference in Phoenix learned how Omnitracs is working with truck manufacturers and application developers like Drivewyze to create a growing environment of intelligent systems centered around Omnitracs ELD devices.

At the open of the Omnitracs Outlook 2017, held at the Sheraton Grand Phoenix Feb. 26 through March 1, Omnitracs CEO John Graham outlined several emerging technological developments including platooning, autonomous trucks and the “microcloud” or electronic fog. This “fog” comes from the appearance of a growing family of onboard sensors and Internet-connected devices and applications (also known as the Internet of Things). During the four-day conference, attendees learned more about these devices and applications and about other related topics during more than 50 breakout sessions.

Drivewyze and Omnitracs gave away a Harley Fourty-Eight motorcycle at the offsite Evening Event.

At the session for Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass, which is provided by Drivewyze on select units (including the Omnitracs MCP200, MCP110, MCP50, and IVG  electronic logging devices), conference-goers learned how over the past several years the number of states and locations offering the cloud-based weigh station bypass service has steadily increased. By using geofencing technology, and not onboard transponders, Drivewyze delivers bypasses at more than 600 weigh stations and inspection sites in 39 states.

Marc Pitcher, Drivewyze Director of Sales Strategy and Operations, also pointed out that effective Jan. 31, the company became the official technology partner for Alberta’s Partners in Compliance (PIC) program. This means that PIC members in good standing have bypass opportunities at 25 participating weigh stations and inspection sites in Alberta, Canada.

During the breakout session, two Omnitracs users shared their company’s results with Drivewyze. Randy Rhines, CIO for Melton Truck Lines, which activated Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass on nearly 1,100 of its late-model trucks in 2016, said Melton has seen a 40 percent increase in the number of bypasses their drivers received compared to 6 months earlier. In January 2017 alone, Melton drivers received 14,000 bypasses, he added. Before Melton Truck Lines activated the Drivewyze service, a number of Melton Truck Lines drivers accessed weigh station bypasses through a transponder-based system.

Read the Melton Case Study Here

“Many of the loads our drivers haul are delivered to construction sites where there’s not a lot of room for unloading trailers,” Rhines said. “Those deliveries must often be scheduled in narrow delivery windows. So, anytime our drivers can get from point A to point B quicker is important.”

Tim Connor, personnel director for Brooks-DeHart Furniture Xpress, agreed, adding that his company has saved more than $11,000 due to fewer delays using the bypass service. Like many Melton drivers, Brooks-DeHart drivers used a transponder-based service to receive bypasses before Brooks-DeHart adopted Drivewyze.

“I honestly can’t remember the last time one of my drivers got a weigh station bypass using the transponder-based system,” he said. “But with Drivewyze, our drivers get them.”

Read the Brooks-DeHart Furniture Xpress Case Study Here

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