The Gift of Giving: Ideas for Truckers

Looking to treat a truck driver with a gift? Or want to treat yourself with a little something? (Hey you deserve it!)  Then take a look at our new list of gift ideas. Drivers are not the easiest to shop for because their home is often their truck. They’re limited on space, which makes shopping unique. If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas, here ya go:

SiriusXM Radio – Premium radio

If you enjoy listening to music but would also like to listen to talk shows, trucker radio stations, sports – even comedy — then SiriusXM Radio is a great choice. Regardless of what plan you purchase, you’ll enjoy commercial free radio and a wide variety of entertainment channels. Standard rates are between $10 to $20 a month, but SiriusXM often runs promos so you can often find better deals.

Truck auxiliary adapter – Alternative to the radio

Listening to the radio can get really old, especially when driving on the interstate without satellite radio. As soon as you think you’ve found a good radio station to listen to, you’ve driven out of range and need to find another. Well, with an auxiliary adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket, you can connect your phone or tablet and play your own music. With this device, you no longer have to put up with whatever music or talk show is out there. You can play exactly what you want to hear. Most adapters cost less than $25, which makes this a great gift.

Spotify or Slacker Premium Account – Listen to your own music

A Spotify or Slacker Premium account goes hand-in-hand with an auxiliary adapter. The premium account gives you access to unlimited music with no advertisements. Features of Spotify and Slacker are that you create your own playlists that are downloaded to your mobile device. That means you don’t have to be connected to Wi-Fi or drain your data on the road. Both services suggest similar songs and artists that you’ve been listing to, (which tend to be spot on) so you can continue to add to your playlist. Spotify and Slacker can provide endless hours of music out on the road. Both go for about $10 a month, so if you love listening to music, it’s worth it.

Hamilton Beach 33461 Stay or Go 6-Quart Portable Slow Cooker – Make your own main course

Tired of fast food or truck stop food? The Hamilton Portable Slow Cooker, which uses AC power, is the perfect gift for drivers looking to make their own meals. It has latches to securely keep food from spilling during drive times. It’s a great way to make a home cooked meal, without having to give up drive time to do so. All you have to do is toss in the ingredients in the pot before you hit the road and by the time you get off the road, your meal is done. It saves time, is easy and can provide you with good meal at the end of a long day. There are plenty of easy recipes and it only costs about $35 on Amazon.

HandPresso – Portable coffee maker

For drivers that are coffee drinkers, Handpresso will help keep the drivers on the road, without having to pull over for coffee. Handpresso is a small portable coffee maker that can make around four ounces of coffee per Senseo, Nespresso capsule or coffee grounds, depending on the device. To make coffee, you plug it into the cigarette lighter and add water and a capsule or coffee ground. Easy. Espresso makers are also available if you need an extra boost of caffeine in the morning. The European-based company offers a wide selection of on the road coffee makers, check them out here. They range from around $28 to, gulp, $330. Check them out here:

Breathe Easily – Keep fresh air in the cab

Starting to feel a little stuffy in the cab? After days spent in the truck, you may want some fresher air coming in. This Breath Easily air purifier helps eliminate odors, smoke, pollen and dust, to help keep the air in the truck fresh. The purifier plugs directly into the cigarette lighter. It’s an easy, affordable gift ($20 on Amazon) to keep the truck feeling fresh.

EpicVue – Watch satellite TV on the road

Want to really get a driver excited with a gift? Purchase them an EpicVue subscription. They’ll never be bored in their sleeper again. EpicVue provides 160 channels of DIRECTV, which include NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO and Showtime. There’s nothing better than being able to lay down and turn on the tele after a day on the road. Lease-owner-operators will have to ask the company they drive for if the program is offered, and if so, be added. For more details on how EpicVue works, visit their website.

Eagle Eye’s – Night driving glasses.

On the flip side of sunglasses, Eagle Eye’s help brighten the road and makes shadows disappear. These are great for driving at night or when weather conditions are gray or poor. The Eagle Eye’s help alleviate flat light and enhance the overall view of the road. Eagle Eye’s cost about the same as a decent pair of sunglasses and are well worth the investment.

Massage Mat – Full body massage cushion

After a long day of sitting in an upright position, you probably just want to lay down, right? Well, why not get a message too? This massage mat includes 10 vibrating motors and four heating pads to help relieve back and leg pain. This mat will definitely help a driver relax and feel good after being on the road. The mat costs  around $100 on Amazon.

Device Mounts by Ram Mounts – Easy access to your phone or tablet

These mounts make a great gift for drivers with smart phones or tablets. Some of the most popular mounts fit in a cupholder or stick to the windshield and hold either your smart phone or tablet. It makes the use of technology out on the road easy. Ram Mounts offer plenty of different mounts, starting at around $35.

My Pillow – Adjusting pillow

When’s the last time you bought yourself a pillow? Odds are the driver you’re shopping for is using the same pillow they bought years ago. So why not give an upgrade? My Pillow is the newest rage. After a long day on the road, its important a driver gets a good night’s rest, and it all starts with a quality pillow. You can find My Pillow on Amazon for single pillow options starting at $50 or for pillow packages that start at around $100.