Virginia Gives a Gift to Truckers

They say Virginia is for lovers. And for a day, truckers were loving being pulled over by law enforcement along Interstate 264 (near Virginia Beach), right before the Rosemont 180 exit.  That’s because the non-profit Drive Safe Hampton Roads, the DMV, Virginia DOT and AAA all came together for Driver Appreciation Day during the busy holiday season. It’s been something they’ve been doing for 25 years.

As drivers pulled over, instead of being inspected, they were celebrated. Enforcement officers, wearing Santa hats, provided Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, donuts and drinks to nearly 200 drivers. Here’s a big Drivewyze shout out to Officer Forest Godwin, with the Suffolk Police Department, who started the annual driver appreciation day program. What a great thing you’re doing!

In the newscast, Officer Godwin said:  “These guys are dealing with a lot of different things and it’s difficult. They’ve got to give one hundred and ten percent.”

And, as another sandwich was handed out, you could hear Officer Godwin say: “You be careful out there, and thanks for looking out for everyone.”