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Secrets Behind the Weigh Station [WEBINAR]

You might be surprised at how the modern weigh station works, and the role technology plays in evaluating your trucks. Thermal cameras scan for bad brakes, automated license plate readers run checks against state and federal databases, and behind it all, law enforcement personnel in the station manage these complex systems to improve road safety….

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Time Keeps on Slippin’ at CVSA’s 2018 International Roadcheck

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s 2018 International Roadcheck is right around the corner, taking place from June 5 to 7 this year. Some Drivewyze-enrolled trucks may experience an increase in weigh station pull-ins during this time, as many stations will be looking to see as many trucks as possible. This year, knowing whether your operation…

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Leaving Nothing to Random Chance

Drivewyze will soon offer fleets an alternative way to improve ISS scores If you were in high school or college, and you received a score of 99 on a test or exam, would you be: A) Surprised? B) Overjoyed? C) Nonchalant? D) Nervous? E) All of the above. As a truck fleet manager or driver,…

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GVWR and GCWR for trucking

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The Role of GVWR and GCWR in Specifying Work Trucks

The role of GVWR and GCWR in specifying work trucks By Bob Raybuck Director of Technical Services NTEA Often, GVWR and gross vehicle weight (GVW) are thought to be the same, but they are not. A truck’s GVWR is the maximum weight rating established by the chassis manufacturer. GVW is the total weight of the…

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Corrosion – Don’t Expect It, Inspect It

With several record snowfalls recently in much of the United States and Canada, one of the big hazards to watch out for in truck and trailer equipment is corrosion. While many state, county and municipal road departments limit their application of chemical de-icers due to the environmental damage they can do, they’re still aggressively used…

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ISS Score Explained title Graphic with Truck

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ISS Score Explained – And Where You Can Find Yours

When reading or hearing about weigh station bypass programs, you may have learned that a carrier’s “ISS score” plays a role in determining whether a truck will receive a bypass command or not. Many think a carrier’s ISS score is the same as a carrier’s CSA score, and although there is a relationship between them,…

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Need a Sure-Fire Way to Ace Next Year’s Roadcheck “Exam?” CVSA Sells the Answer Key

Given the sheer number of trucks out there on the road, chances are you probably didn’t get pulled into a weigh or inspection station for a Level I, II, or III inspection during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance 2017 Roadcheck held from June 1-3. But if you, your drivers or your trucks drew the short…

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Give Yourself a Brake

As spring is just around the corner, it’s come time once again to assess just what sort of toll winter has had on your brakes. Chemical de-icers and salts have been known to cause serious corrosion issues, particularly when they aren’t washed off regularly. In the Northwest, where record snowfalls fell this winter, combined with…

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Manage CSA Score Title Card

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Fleets Find Ways to Manage CSA Scores Following Removal From Public View

Removal of the CSA percentile scores and relative comparisons last year by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has been a double-edged sword. While the removal was welcome news by those who felt that there were flaws in the program’s methodology, carriers still find that some customers require the information. Plus, insurance companies are interested…

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