Are you Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?

The article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune is titled: “When Big Rigs Push Past the Safety Rules.”

At first glance, the inclination is to say, “oh no, not another story depicting our industry in a poor light.”  Yes, the story points out documented incidents where trucks have caused accidents due to poor maintenance, or due to poor loading. But, the story also points out another thing….that law enforcement should be concentrating their efforts on the trucks that need to be inspected.

Law enforcement should be concentrating their efforts on the trucks that need to be inspected.

As in any industry — and trucking is a huge one with more than 3-million drivers — there are those that do things right, and those who cut corners. And if you’re a Drivewyze customer, we put you in the camp of those who do things right – that’s why you receive bypasses at weigh stations, thanks to your good safety record.

But there is no denying there are trucks out there that should be inspected. We all want our roads to be as safe as possible for fellow truck drivers and all motor vehicle drivers and passengers. To be part of the solution, big rig drivers need to make sure their trucks are in compliance and in proper working order.

Also, by utilizing a weigh station bypass system, you are helping in the effort. You are part of the solution. And, that’s pointed out in the article when the merits of Drivewyze, and allowing good carriers to receive bypasses, was mentioned. State Patrol spokeswoman Tiffani Nelson was quoted as saying: “It (Drivewyze) helps the traffic flow…helps us not to focus on the good carriers.”

Translated, that means law enforcement wants to concentrate their efforts on those who should be inspected. Those with solid safety scores and histories should be able to frequently bypass scales, while those cutting corners face higher scrutiny.

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