Brakes a Priority in Virginia

There was an interesting article in the November issue of Overdrive magazine.  It called out how Virginia was in the “middle of the pack” when it comes to inspection intensity, but it ranked near the top when it came to violations-per-inspections rankings.

So, what gives?  It’s all about Level 1 inspections – the most extensive and time-consuming of all.  And, there is a big focus on brakes with inspectors in the pits measuring brakes for compliance. Plus, the state is increasingly using infrared imaging systems at weigh stations to measure brake heat.

The result of all that scrutiny? About one-third of all Virginia’s violations were related to brake violations – 26 percent ahead of the next closest state, which happens to be Missouri.

Safety is the focus, and brakes are certainly the top concern.  It’s why Lt. Ron Maxey said in the article that the name of its truck enforcement department is called the “Motor Carrier Safety Unit” (rather than enforcement unit). It may be a subtle distinction, but it speaks volumes.

We applaud Virginia’s efforts to keep our roads safe and inspect those vehicles that should be inspected. If you’re a Drivewyze customer, you may know that Virginia is in our network and by legally bypassing weigh stations and inspection sites, you’re helping keep Virginia “safety units” laser-focused to the benefit of all.

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