Alberta-Based Drivewyze Helps Make Truckers’ Rides Easier

MONTREAL – A Canadian technology company’s plans to make the smartphone as necessary a tool for truckers as the CB radio is getting a boost thanks to $7.5 million in funding from Emergence Capital Partners and Montreal-based iNovia Capital.

The Alberta-based Drivewyze offers software that helps truckers with good safety records bypass weigh stations. It’s downloadable as an app for smartphones and tablets, and is also available on electronic logging devices, which are similar to a car’s GPS unit and widely used by large fleet operators.


When a truck using Drivewyze’s software, called PreClear, is two miles away from a weigh station, the software sends a signal to the station that carries the safety records of the truck’s operator. Those with good safety records will get the go-ahead to continue driving, skipping potentially long waits at the station.

“It helps reduce these hidden costs of weigh station pull-ins,” said Doug Johnson, director of marketing for Drivewyze.

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