Commercial Drivers Wanted to Test New Bypass Service

Drivewyze™ beta-test program begins in twelve-states

Louisville, Kentucky – March 22, 2012 –  Drivewyze Inc. is actively seeking qualified drivers for a beta test program of the Drivewyze ™ service for inspection station bypass.

For truckers who want to spend less time at roadside vehicle inspection stations, and more time in-route, Drivewyze  is a new transportation service network for automated inspection station bypass and toll payments. Because the Drivewyze service network is available at permanent and mobile inspection sites, Drivewyze provides long haul and local truckers more inspection bypass opportunities than any other bypass service in North America.  Drivewyze is easy and safe to use, with assured privacy and data protection; all without the hassle of traditional transponders or being restricted to sites with installed hardware.

“The reception to the Drivewyze service by state agencies has been phenomenal, said Brian Mofford, Product Manager for Drivewyze.  “We have already rolled out the service in 12 states, from Maine to Mississippi, and we are looking for both local and long-haul drivers to help test the system nationwide.”

Designed with driver safety in mind, the FMCSA compliant Drivewyze software adds transponder functionality to an iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphone or other in-cab technologies.

Commercial Drivers interested in testing the Drivewyze service network can apply to participate in the Drivewyze beta program here.