Drivewyze and the Connected Fleet

Drivewyze President Brian Heath talks about vehicle-to-infrastructure technology and the future of the connected fleet in this Heavy Duty Trucking article:

Brian Heath, president of Drivewyze, which offers a cloud-based weigh station bypass system, says his company’s product is one example of vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity and that “in one form or another” such connectivity has been deployed for years. But he points out that “we don’t have a lot of vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity today. We don’t have a lot of trucks that are communicating with each other on the roadway.”

As we move beyond the dot-on-a-map generation, it might be better to think of the connected fleet in different terms, according to Mark Sargent, vice president of solution engineering, Telogis. “We like to refer to connected intelligence — a relationship with people, vehicles and work activity, ways we can connect those various objects” and pull that data together. With more OEM participation in facilitating gathering vehicle data, the result has been richer and richer data, he says.

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