Drivewyze Fleet Customer BarOle Trucking Featured in CCJ

Minnesota-based fleet BarOle Trucking talks to Commercial Carrier Journal about their success with Drivewyze in this article on weigh station bypass coverage expansion:

BarOle Trucking delivers international container freight from the Twin Cities to customers in Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Dakotas. Two miles before its trucks hit the scales at state borders, an app running on cabmounted Android tablets gives a “green light” to drivers to bypass the scales at highway speeds, regardless of trailer chassis being empty or loaded.

BarOle heard about the app from the Minnesota State Patrol. In subscribing to Drivewyze’s mobile bypass service, both parties became more efficient, says Karol Smith, safety manager for the Centerville, Minn.-based carrier. BarOle’s trucks bypass at least two weigh stations per day on routes, saving drivers about 15 minutes during their workday, Smith says.

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