Drivewyze Makes FreightWaves

Lately, autonomous trucks and truck platooning have been making some waves in the trucking media as companies explore these various vehicle-to-infrastructure and vehicle-to-vehicle communication technologies. All of them have one thing in common – they all use some form of GPS and cellular connectivity to accomplish the task of connecting data from trucks on the highway to roadside systems, to each other and to cloud storage.

While both technologies are likely many years away from large-scale operation, it’s clear GPS and cellular connectivity is making big waves in the industry by changing how freight is moved across the United States and Canada. That’s why FreightWaves looked more closely at the change Drivewyze is bringing to providing weigh station bypass and in helping to keep freight moving through safe truck fleets and operators.

FreightWaves staff writer Vishnu Rajamanickam sat down with Drivewyze’s director of marketing, Doug Johnson, to discuss how Drivewyze was born and the company behind the technology – Intelligent Imaging Systems. Click here to read Vishnu’s story – “Drivewyze leverages GPS and cellular connectivity for providing weigh station bypass,” on the FreightWaves website.



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