Drivewyze PreClear Now Operational at Over 200 Weigh Stations and Mobile Inspection Sites

February 26, 2013 – Jackson, MS – Drivewyze PreClear, a new weigh station bypass service, proudly announces that it became operational at its 200th site last week with the activation of the Corinth site in the state of Mississippi.

Drivewyze PreClear bypass services work at both permanent and temporary inspection locations, providing service plans catered to both short haul and long-haul carriers travelling intrastate or interstate throughout the United States. By matching service plans to customer profiles, Drivewyze delivers bypass services to match carrier needs.

Drivewyze currently offers customers 108 fixed sites and 110 mobile inspection sites for a total of 218 service sites.  Mobile inspection site bypass is something that no other bypass service currently offers.  More information on sites is available at:  .

“In just six short months we’ve built a bypass service network at over 200 weigh station and inspection sites.  This is a major milestone for our company,” said Brian Heath, President ofDrivewyze. “We know this continued growth means we can increase the time, fuel and money savings for fleets, while also serving the needs of state agencies to ensure safety.”

“As one of the first fleets using Drivewyze PreClear we’ve seen it grow quickly,” said Steve Binkley, Vice-President of Safety at Western Express based in Tennessee. “We’ve worked closely with Drivewyze, to ensure that we maintain driver safety while benefitting from the efficiencies of a bypass program, and so of course we want to congratulate them on achieving over 200 sites.”

Drivewyze leverages the wireless internet to eliminate the need, cost and limitations of traditional transponders and roadside infrastructure.  Data encryption, privacy and security controls ensure the protection of Drivewyze customers under a platform that extends service to many sites previously unavailable through traditional bypass programs.  It also means law enforcement can extend bypass opportunities to commercial vehicles based on safety records at local, remote, interstate and mobile inspection sites.

Chief Willie Huff, Law Enforcement Director for the Mississippi Department of Transportation (DOT), Office of Enforcement stated “We are very pleased that the weigh station at Corinth, Mississippi was chosen for the 200th site.  Congratulations Drivewyze. “

Drivewyze works on a wide variety of tablets, smartphones and select ELDs, giving them transponder-like capability and eliminating the need for dedicated transponders in each truck. Hands-free and compliant with federal and state distracted driving regulations, the service instructs drivers to either follow road signs and pull-in or bypass using simple visual and audible instructions allowing the driver time to safely maneuver the vehicle.

Drivewyze currently provides commercial vehicle bypass services in Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia and Nevada.   Drivewyze PreClear also offers intrastate billing options in select states.  For more information please .


Drivewyze™ Inc. is an innovative technology service provider to the transportation industry. Drivewyze is committed to improving road safety and efficiency for everyone.  Drivewyze was founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc., a provider of industry-leading road safety equipment and software services.  Partnering with industry and government stakeholders to deliver time-saving and cost-effective driving solutions to commercial vehicle operators and carriers, Drivewyze provides unsurpassed business value to the trucking industry.