Fleetmaster Express Leverages Technology to Improve Efficiency and Safeguard Drivers

Since its beginning, Roanoke, Va.-based Fleetmaster Express has used technology to build a solid reputation as a safe and reliable carrier. Fleetmaster Express was recently featured in a three-page fleet profile in the March 2018 issue of Fleet Equipment magazine starting on page 60.

According to the Fleet Equipment profile, which also appears online, it has been a consistent adopter of new technologies to improve operating efficiency and productivity throughout its 30 years in the transportation business.

The company operates Omnitracs systems for on-board communications, satellite tracking, real-time load information, automated alerts and weigh station bypasses through the Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass Service provided by Drivewyze PreClear.

Another use of technology for Fleetmaster is a video-based coaching system called Lytx DriveCam Enterprise. When paired with Lytx Video Services, DriveCam allows the company to monitor driver performance and events that occur with its 300 trucks and 1,300 trailers on the road.

The platform delivers on-demand continual video and optional live-stream video of the road to show critical events. Embedded sensor and machine-vision technologies in the system’s event recorder gives the company flexibility to add functionality and services, including fleet tracking and connectivity to third-party solutions. The system uses a predictive analytics algorithm to detect and capture driving patterns consistent with distracted and drowsy driving, such as swerving within a lane or driving slowly relative to surrounding traffic. It can also incorporate data from roll stability systems as part of its monitoring.

The system has resulted in a 91 percent improvement in the frequency and severity of events along with a 61 percent decrease in collisions and a 71 percent drop in near-collisions.

Andy Kester, safety/human resources manager for Fleetmasters Express, told Fleet Equipment that by using this system the company can also protect drivers and the company against false claims. “For example, a recent claim of a hit-and-run against one of our drivers was proved false when the DriveCam video revealed that the driver had properly followed all procedures,” he explained. The system can also reveal good driving behaviors that the company can use to recognize and reward drivers.

With such a pristine driving record, Fleetmaster leverages its safety record to get weigh station bypasses through Drivewyze. We’re pleased that Drivewyze can deliver the much-deserved bypasses for drivers with this forward-thinking over-the-road, local and dedicated freight hauler.

Read the entire Fleetmaster profile here.

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