Florida Becomes 21st State to Offer Drivewyze PreClear Bypass Service


Florida Becomes 21st State to Offer Drivewyze PreClear Bypass Service

BURLINGAME, Calif., April 8, 2014 Drivewyze announced that Florida has become the 21st state to offer the Drivewyze PreClear bypass service. Drivewyze PreClear uses electronic on-board devices, including Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), tablets and smartphones, to provide commercial vehicles with inspection site bypass opportunities.

“The Florida Department of Transportation joins agencies from 20 other states in recognizing the benefits of Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) transponder technology,” said Brian Heath, president of Drivewyze. “Since Florida is the fourth largest state in terms of population, and has so many deep-water seaports, its addition represents a big step forward in the expansion of Drivewyze PreClear service across the country.

“Truckers driving on major trade corridors in Florida – particularly U.S. Interstates 10, 75 and 95, with Drivewyze PreClear will find more bypass opportunities along their routes,” Heath said.

According to Heath, Drivewyze is operational at 20 fixed interstate locations in Florida, including the northbound and southbound Flagler weigh stations near mile marker 286 on I-95; the northbound and southbound White Springs weigh stations near mile marker 443 on I-75; and the eastbound and westbound Pensacola weigh stations near mile marker 3 on I-10.

A map with all of the active weigh stations in Florida and across the country is available on the Drivewyze web site: https://drivewyze.com/coverage-map/. The service officially went live on April 8.

“Nearly $500 billion worth of originating freight moves each year through the Sunshine State from aggregate mines, citrus groves and seaports to cement plants, warehouses and distribution centers across the state, around the region and throughout the country,” Heath said. “Drivewyze PreClear offers safe truck operators and fleets more bypass opportunities to keep that freight moving, and it provides vehicle enforcement officers a cost-effective tool to concentrate their efforts on those truck operators who require additional scrutiny.”

Not only can Drivewyze help keep trucks moving, but it can also save operators time and money. An FMCSA study showed a single bypass made for several minutes can save $8.68 in lost time and fuel costs.

Elise Chianelli, PeopleNet product manager of safety and compliance, said PeopleNet’s users know the value of weigh station bypass, or at least they can find out by using the Drivewyze PreClear Analytics Services, a complimentary weigh station cost-analysis tool to calculate the ROI for a bypass service. PeopleNet, a leading provider of fleet mobility technology, recently began offering the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass application on its onboard devices following a successful beta test.

“As our users realize the possible savings from avoiding unplanned weigh station delays, the optional Drivewyze PreClear bypass service becomes a compelling service to add,” Chianelli said.  “Now that it’s being offered in Florida, Drivewyze becomes even more compelling.”

Heath said Drivewyze should help Florida ease traffic congestion, particularly on its busiest highways. The average amount of freight traffic moving on state and federal highways in the Sunshine State can be as high as 33 percent of total traffic, according to the Florida Department of Transportation (DOT). The national average is about 12 percent.

“The Drivewyze bypass program can also help Florida manage an expected 60 percent increase in the amount of freight moving by truck on state and federal highways in Florida over the next 26 years while benefitting the trucking industry as well as public safety,” Heath said. “The completion of the Panama Canal expansion project is also a catalyst when larger post-Panamax ships start unloading at Florida seaports by 2016.”

Drivewyze leverages cellular networks and the internet to add transponder-like functionality to tablets, smartphones and select electronic on-board recorders. Unlike traditional methods that use dedicated short-range communication transponders in every truck, Drivewyze doesn’t require the installation of additional equipment.

With the addition of Florida, Drivewyze PreClear is now available at nearly 300 locations in 21 states.

The Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass application can be used on Android and iOS-based tablets or smartphones, and is integrated into PeopleNet Blu.2 and Tablet devices. It is also available on the new Zonar 2020 device. Rand McNally and Drivewyze recently announced an agreement to provide the Drivewyze “PreClear” weigh station bypass service for Rand McNally’s suite of mobile fleet management devices. Drivewyze PreClear 3.0, the newest version of the weigh station application, comes with Weigh Station Heads Up service for real-time notifications for more than 600 weigh stations and inspection sites nationwide.

While the Drivewyze PreClear heads-up service is free, the bypass service is subscription-based and starts at $15.75 per vehicle per month with free trial offers and volume discounts available.

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