Heavy Duty Trucking’s Look at Tomorrow’s Truck Technology Includes Drivewyze

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. It’s a safety warning etched on passenger side mirrors to remind drivers of the distortion created by the mirrors’ convexity. The curved mirror provides drivers a wider view, but it also makes things appear smaller and further away than they really are.

The same could also be said of Heavy Duty Trucking’s look at “Tomorrow’s Trucks” in its December 2013 issue. While the story offers a wide-ranging view of the future of trucking in the United States and Canada, many new developments like vehicle-to-infrastructure communications are much closer than they appear.

Drivewyze president Brian Heath joins in the discussion, offering a look at how mobile technology will allow vehicle inspectors to weigh trucks in motion and to examine hours of service information wirelessly. He also explains how the Drivewyze PreClear subscription service works.

Adam Kahn, director of fleet services with Omnitracs, tells HDT such services like Drivewyze are like TSA passes for frequent flyers. “I can’t imagine why a fleet wouldn’t find that attractive.”

We couldn’t agree more. And neither can our customers.

Here is a PDF of the story. HDT Tomorrow’s trucksTomorrow’s trucks 2