Leading IT Social Network Places Drivewyze on Top 50 Watch List



AlwaysOn Editors Say Innovative Weigh Station Bypass Service Has Big Potential

BURLINGAME, Calif., June 5, 2014 – AlwaysOn, a social media network serving 30 million IT entrepreneurs and professionals worldwide, named Drivewyze as one of the 50 cloud infrastructure, on-demand, and SaaS companies to watch during the coming year.

Drivewyze and the 49 other companies on the 2014 OnDemand list were honored during AlwaysOn’s annual conference June 4 at Hero City at Draper University in San Mateo, Calif.

The 50 companies all have solid, early-stage backing and the potential to hit $200 million in revenue during the next few years, indicating substantial returns for their inventors and rapid revenue growth in the short-term, according to AlwaysOn. These companies provide innovative cloud infrastructure, on-demand, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for application developers, who design new apps to sift through and process mountains of data and provide new and innovative services.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that a social network serving the brightest people and top entrepreneurs in on-demand, SaaS, and cloud computing see as much potential in our company as we do,” said Brian Heath, president and CEO of Drivewyze. “Being named to the OnDemand list is great acknowledgment of our vision and efforts to be the leading smart mobility services provider for the commercial transportation industry”

Tony Perkins, founder and editor of AlwaysOn, said Drivewyze was nominated by investors, bankers, journalists and industry insiders. The AlwaysOn editorial team conducted a rigorous three-month selection process to finalize the 2014 list.

“As the borders continue to fall between desktops, TVs, tablets, smartphones, wearables, and laptops, the businesses on this year’s OnDemand Companies to Watch list continue to provide sleek, efficient apps to both the enterprise and consumer markets,” Perkins said. “This year’s winners are fueling the entrepreneurial process and bringing new ideas to fruition. The OnDemand Companies to Watch winners are using the power of the cloud to host a new world of highly nimble, versatile, and disruptive services. These companies are at the forefront of the an exploding era of creative innovation and represent the Global Silicon Valley’s highest-growth opportunities in the private company marketplace.”

Drivewyze leverages cellular networks and the internet to add transponder-like functionality to tablets, smartphones and select electronic on-board recorders. Unlike traditional methods that use dedicated short-range communication transponders in every truck, Drivewyze doesn’t require the installation of additional equipment.

The Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass application can be used on Android and iOS-based tablets or smartphones, and is integrated into PeopleNet Blu.2 and Tablet devices, and the Zonar 2020. Rand McNally and Drivewyze recently announced an agreement to provide the Drivewyze PreClear weigh station bypass service for Rand McNally’s suite of mobile fleet management devices. Drivewyze PreClear 3.0, the newest version of the weigh station application, comes with Weigh Station Heads Up service for real-time notifications for more than 700 weigh stations and inspection sites nationwide.

While the Drivewyze PreClear heads-up service is free, the bypass service is subscription-based and starts at $15.75 per vehicle per month with free trial offers and volume discounts available.

About Drivewyze Inc.
Drivewyze Inc. is the smart mobility services company for the transportation industry. Drivewyze and its sister company, Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc., are on a mission to revolutionize the delivery of highway safety and transportation management through world-class products, systems and services. Drivewyze serves commercial drivers and fleets with innovative trucking apps such as Drivewyze Weigh Station Heads Up and Drivewyze PreClear Bypass service. Learn more about Drivewyze at www.drivewyze.com.

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