Leo Jolicoeur Joins Drivewyze as Vice President of Sales and Marketing

BURLINGAME, Calif., July 17, 2013 – Drivewyze, which offers weigh station and inspection site bypass opportunities at both fixed weigh stations and roadside mobile inspection sites, has announced the appointment of Leo Jolicoeur as vice president of sales and marketing.

Jolicoeur served as executive vice president and chief marketing officer for @Road, a leading provider of fleet management services, before it was bought by Trimble in 2007. Under Jolicoeur’s tenure, @Road grew to an industry leader in mobile resource management services with more than 250,000 vehicles under subscription. Previously, Jolicoeur served as vice president of product marketing and service operations at WebEx Communications. Jolicoeur has also held senior level positions at Infoseek and various product marketing and business management positions at Apple Computer and Digital Equipment Corporation.

“We’re pleased to have Leo on board heading up our sales and marketing team,” said Brian Heath, president of Drivewyze. “Drivewyze, and its sister company, Intelligent Imaging Systems, have grown rapidly in the past two years. Still, with leaders like Leo providing direction, we see even greater opportunities on the near horizon as we continue to deploy the first commercial vehicle-to-infrastructure solution for large trucks and buses across the United States.”

Jolicoeur said he sees incredible potential with Drivewyze’s cloud-based technology, which offers transponder-like functionality to tablets, smartphones and select Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). Recent moves by major transportation companies to provide various intelligent transportation solutions more broadly to the market demonstrate that potential, he added.

“The Drivewyze PreClear bypass system electronically connects trucks and commercial buses with weight and inspection stations through existing GPS and telematics technologies at a fraction of the cost of traditional transponder-based systems,” Jolicoeur said. “I am excited to offer my expertise in helping Drivewyze deliver an intelligent vehicle-to-infrastructure solution that will move roadside inspection practices far beyond traditional compliance programs.”

About Drivewyze

Drivewyze(TM) Inc. is an innovative technology service provider to the transportation industry. Drivewyze is committed to improving road safety and efficiency for everyone. Drivewyze was founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc., a provider of industry-leading road safety equipment and software services. Partnering with industry and government stakeholders to deliver time-saving and cost-effective driving solutions to commercial vehicle operators and carriers, Drivewyze provides unsurpassed business value to the trucking industry. For more information, visit www.drivewyze.com or call 1-888-988-1590.

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Intelligent Imaging Systems Inc. is a supplier and integrator of some of the most advanced imaging systems today, providing the transportation and law enforcement agencies with the industry’s most technologically advanced tools in an effort to make the goals of safety more efficient and effective.

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