Mobile-Based Inspection Site Bypass is Part of a Sea Change in Trucking Related Technologies

Just as Kodachrome provided us a way to capture our world in beautiful and stunning images, CB radios provided truckers a unique way to communicate using a language all their own. But the sound of CB talk in the cab of a truck is quickly going the way of Kodachrome slides, replaced by digital technology.

As Sean Kilcarr, senior editor at Fleet Owner magazine, correctly points out in his recent blog, a survey compiled by Atlas Van Lines confirms what many of us already know. It’s becoming an increasingly digital world for drivers.

Today’s truckers are relying on smartphones and tablet apps much the same way truckers of the past relied on citizen’s band radio to stay connected to each other and to their companies. They’re also utilizing digital technology and smartphone and tablet apps to find potential cargo, replace paper logbooks, track fuel receipts, plan daily routes and organize freight bills. So, it only makes sense that they would increasingly turn to their smartphones and tablets via Drivewyze PreClear to accomplish inspection site bypass.

The times, they are a changing.