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Treasure Phillippi told Deborah Lockridge, editor of Heavy Duty Trucking in the magazine’s March issue, she can offer a treasure for drivers at Moore Transport. It’s a booty of extra drive time and more home time since the auto hauler’s drivers don’t have to waste time at weigh stations and weigh scales with Drivewyze onboard.

“Because some of our lanes are local lanes, drivers go through the same scales two and three times a day,” the safety supervisor explained to HDT’s 115,000 subscribers. “We would go through at peak hours and have to get in line and go through the scales. For the most part, we weren’t getting pulled in a lot, but it was just the slowing down, the creeping through the scales – drivers were loosing 20, 25 minutes each time they went through a scale. They would tell me, ‘I don’t have time to reload because I spent two hours crossing scales.”

With the ability to bypass those scales, some of the drivers who first tried Drivewyze out said they were able to do a complete second turn in a day, she said. With the second turn, drivers had time to load cars for delivery for the following day before their on-duty hours expired. And that meant drivers didn’t have to work into the evenings on Friday or Saturday mornings as nearly as often.

Phillippi said the company looked at transponder-based weigh station bypass systems, but chose Drivewyze PreClear, in large part because the drivers’ experiences with transponder-based toll payment systems didn’t work so well. One of the problems with transponders? The signal can be blocked by the cars stacked over the cab.

“We use [transponders] for tolls in Canada, and there are times when those don’t work,” Phillippi said. “It holds up the driver for hours trying to get it straight. So, I had drivers hesitant to rely on that type of system for bypass.”

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