Need to Be More Competitive? Then Don’t Go Another Minute Without These Seven Things

With so many technologies available to help you run your trucking operation, it’s difficult to know which of them will be most effective at helping you move freight more safely and efficiently. Fortunately, Fleet Owner magazine, has recently published a feature that can help take the guesswork out of determining which ones you really need.

The feature, written by senior editor Aaron Marsh, offers a list of seven categories of technologies that you simply can’t or shouldn’t go without. To determine which ones to include, Fleet Owner’s editors considered which of them showed the most promise in making life better for fleets and drivers. Aaron wrote that since moving freight and goods or getting work done with vehicles can be so competitive, with little room for profits, the editors used this question as the primary litmus test: “does it make your fleet more competitive?”

Since truck add-ons usually require an investment of time or money, most likely both, Aaron said they also looked at what’s the return on investment. And is the ROI black and white, with results clearly viewable in terms of “before” and “after?” Finally, they also considered whether the technology will be obsolete once it’s installed and drivers have been trained to use it.

One of the technologies they wrote about, filed under the fourth category of “collision mitigation technology,” is Drivewyze Driver Safety Notifications. The story explains how in developing the notifications feature, Drivewyze worked with law enforcement agencies to identify locations like highway off-ramps or curves where higher vehicle speeds have contributed to high incidences of roll-overs or collisions. Then Drivewyze developed these combined visual and auditory warnings that are sent to drivers on their electronic logging devices as they approach these locations. That sections begins with:

“Research shows that heavy trucks are overrepresented in collisions and fatalities. In a recent study, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration noted that heavy trucks and buses accounted for about 4 percent of registered vehicles and 9 percent of total miles driven, but were involved in 13 percent of accidents and 13 percent of overall traffic fatalities.

“It’s partly due to their larger mass and size, the agency has speculated, which can easily cause serious damage to smaller passenger vehicles….”

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Used by permission of Fleet Owner. Copyright 2017 Penton Media.