Transport Topics Article Identifies New Option for Weigh Station Bypass

The December 2013/January 2014 iTech supplement in the Dec. 16 issue of Transport Topics features a look at how weigh station bypass using mobile-based communication technology is challenging the more traditional approach using transponder-based technology.

The story offers a balanced look at the two technologies and presents information from Drivewyze president Brian Heath about how Drivewyze addresses the needs of regional and short-haul carriers and owner-operators for weigh station bypass opportunities.

“ …many trucks are going through a lot of regional, local, low-volume, remote-type inspection facilities that currently don’t offer bypass programs,” Heath told Transport Topics. “The Drivewyze capacity to offer capabilities anywhere addresses this issue. Our goal is to provide a service where you need it and when you need it for trucking companies and enforcement agencies, and that’s never been provided before.”