What does the Drivewyze CVISN news mean to you?

On April 24th, it was announced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that mobile devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and Electronic Logging Devices, now meet the definition of a Commercial Mobile Radio Service transponder under the CVISN program. If you missed the press release, you can read it here.
But what does this mean for drivers?
Going forward, a state that adopts Drivewyze at its weigh stations for e-screening will meet one of the requirements necessary to apply for CVISN funding. This means that more sites from more states will become active and available for drivers to receive bypass opportunities. More sites adopting Drivewyze results in more bypasses and time savings.

We allow a state to adopt Drivewyze almost immediately because our technology does not require roadside infrastructure or overhead sensors. That is why when you drive by a Drivewyze site, you likely will not see infrastructure leading up to the weigh station, unless it is from other bypass programs. Also, less infrastructure on the side of the road presents less roadside hazards.
Improved Safety and Efficiency on the Nation’s Highways
The Drivewyze service utilizes GPS technology to provide you with an innovative weigh station bypass service. Now, you will be able to enjoy bypass and e-screening programs using an in-cab device of your choosing. All of this will allow the governments to better use their budgets to improve safety and efficiency for everyone on the nation’s highways.

Link to Original Press Release