May Newsletter 2014

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State coverage map for May 2014 newsletter

Texas, Alabama and Indiana Join the Drivewyze Network

Truckers traveling through Texas, Alabama and Indiana are now eligible to receive bypasses at over 26 new Drivewyze sites. The addition of these 3 states brings the total number of bypass eligible sites up to 326 in 24 states nationwide.

Follow the link below to see the full Drivewyze coverage map

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ATA Announces Drivewyze as Featured Product

“Trucking is becoming increasingly dependent on technology and data, and products like Drivewyze are helping fleets move America’s freight more efficiently and safely than ever before,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves.

“Industry and partner support has been key to our growth, and we are proud to have the support of the American Trucking Associations,” CEO Brian Heath said. “Through our agreements with partners, fleets are now able to use the Drivewyze service on their existing in-cab equipment, leveraging their ELD investments and eliminating the need for additional transponders. This means that safe carriers can now enjoy the benefits of a secure bypass service on the equipment of their choice.”

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 Mike in truck

See How Veteran Driver Mike Shatney Has Saved over $8,700 in 1 Year

Check out this video to see how Owner-Operator Mike Shantney has saved over $8,700 and 80hrs of driving time simply by using Drivewyze.

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Commitment to Driver Information Privacy

Drivewyze PreClear uses the best, most secure mobile technology. And here is a promise we make to you:
We don’t collect and share driver data.
We don’t support mandatory driver data sharing.
We don’t track drivers or their vehicles.
We protect our customers from prying eyes.

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