November Newsletter 2013

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 Drivewyze Sign

Drivewyze Now at 239 Sites

Drivewyze is pleased to announce an additional 4 sites have become operational since October. They are:

  • MN Erskine Hwy-2 EB
  • PA Kirby Rest Area I-79 NB
  • PA Lone Pine I-79 SB
  • PA Claysville Welcome Center I-70 EB

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 Mike Shatney

LandLine Magazine Features Drivewyze President and Customer Mike Shatney

OOIDA member Mike Shatney, saved about $4,000 in time and fuel since he started using Drivewyze PreClear in 2012, according to a report generated for Shatney by Drivewyze. In that same article, Drivewyze president Brian Heath said that mobile-based weigh station bypass service, which also runs on permanently installed in-truck devices, is a game-changer for the trucking industry. It’s unique from traditional transponder technology, akin to a hard-wired telephone, because it doesn’t require roadside hardware to work and communicates using cellular data connectivity.

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 TMC Magazine Article

TMC’s Magazine Features Mobile-Based Weigh Station Bypass and Drivewyze

TMC members are finding that mobile technology like that found in Drivewyze PreClear can make all of their hard work in keeping vehicles well-maintained pay off through weigh station bypass. The Fall 2013 issue of the American Trucking Associations’ Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) magazine Fleet Maintenance and Technology features a technology profile on how mobile technology makes weigh station bypass opportunities convenient and more affordable.

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 Food Logistics Magazine Article

“ROI for Drivewyze PreClear is one of the best in the industry” Says This Month’s Food Logistics Magazine

The latest issue of Food Logistics features an interview with Drivewyze President and CEO Brian Heath, on the “game changing” nature of CMRS transponder technology. “An FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) study showed that a weigh station stop, made for as little as five minutes at a time, costs the operator $8.68 in fuel and lost time,” notes Heath. “The ROI for Drivewyze PreClear is one of the best in the industry.” Thanks to working with partners such as PeopleNet, XRS and Zonar, Heath says the future is exciting. “We started by having our technology available on smartphones—downloaded from App stores. But for fleets that have onboard systems, we’re integrating Drivewyze with their tablets and systems so they can literally ‘turn on’ and register Drivewyze for bypass opportunities.”

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French Language Magazine L’echo du Transport Features Drivewyze

No matter how you translate it, Drivewyze still means the opportunity for a safety-conscious fleet or truck operator to leverage a strong safety record by gaining time and money-saving weigh station bypasses. L’echo du Transport featured Drivewyze and an interview with Brian Mofford, Drivewyze’s vice-president of technology, on page 32 of its November 2013 issue.

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