October Newsletter 2014

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Drive wise WI & MO

Wisconsin & Missouri Join the Drivewyze Network

All drivers using the Drivewyze app can now receive bypasses in 19 sites throughout Missouri!

Drivers using the Android version of Drivewyze, you can now receive bypasses at 4 sites in Wisconsin.

Drivewyze users are now eligible to receive bypasses at 407 sites in 29 states across the nation.

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Drivewise - RandMcNally TND 760

Drivewyze Now Available on Rand McNally TND™ 760 Mobile Fleet Management Device

At the American Trucking Association’s Management Conference and Exhibition, Drivewyze announced that Drivewyze  is now available on Rand McNally’s TND™ 760 device.

“The preliminary result relayed by the fleets show that using Drivewyze PreClear can help them achieve substantial and quantifiable business efficiencies,” said Jim Rodi, vice president of the Mobile Communications Group at Rand McNally.

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Featured Trucker App: BigRoad

Our new friend BigRoad is an app that makes daily driver logs easy and helps drivers stay compliant. You can create and edit electronic logs, generate DVIRs and track your HOS.

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 Drive wise, drive wize

New CoPilot Truck Update Includes Drivewyze Integration

Our friends at CoPilot Truck have recently released a new update with exciting features, including a Drivewyze integration. Learn more about how the CoPilot app can save you money by lowering your data costs:

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Drive wise bypass

Drivewyze Featured in Alabama Trucker

Questions about Drivewyze? You might find the answers in this Q&A article featuring Drivewyze CEO Brian Heath.

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Drivewyze Customer Alan Germain Featured in The Trucker

Drivewyze customer Alan Germain discusses the benefits of bypass in the July edition of The Trucker:

“Anytime you can keep from starting and stopping the truck, and keep it going at highway speed, you will undoubtedly save money on fuel,” he said. “It also saves on wear and tear since you’re not having to brake, gear down and then accelerate to get back up to speed.”

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