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Brake Safety Week is Here – Are Your Brakes in Good Condition? 

It’s CVSA Brake Safety Week, and that means it’s time to double or even triple check your brakes to ensure you’re in compliance.    We spoke with Bill Burke, Rick Koontz, Janis MacWilliam, and Rob Nichols, former law enforcement officers to get a better understanding of why there is an annual safety event dedicated to brakes, what to expect on the road during Brake Safety Week, and tips for…

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Drivewyze Expands with Weigh Station Bypass Now in Wyoming

NEWS RELEASE  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT Doug Siefkes, (425)-392-2611 OR Doug Johnson, (780)-461-3355 Ext. 254 Drivewyze Expands with Weigh Station Bypass Now in Wyoming DALLAS, Aug. 11, 2021 – Drivewyze Inc., the leader in connected truck services and operator of the largest public-private weigh station bypass network in North America, has announced the addition…

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The Winds of Regulatory Change Are Near

Ahh yes….it takes time, but our government is hard at work making changes that will impact the trucking industry.   As you probably know, Congress has been inching toward passage of a so-called surface transportation reauthorization bill — often referred to simply as a “highway bill,” which re-ups spending on U.S. roadways, bridges, and other infrastructure critical to surface…

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License and Registration, Please: Dealing with Tickets as a Professional Driver

There’s no worse feeling on the road than checking your side or rear-view mirror to see flashing lights coming up on your rig, especially if you knowingly were speeding or broke another traffic law. Paying a fine for a ticket is one thing, but the implications it can have on driving records, employment, and insurance…

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Spotlight on Speed: How to Reduce Speeding Incidents & Enhance Your Fleet’s Safety

In their announcement for the 2021 Operation Safe Driver week, the CVSA reported last year saw an uptick in the number of traffic fatalities with an increase of 24% compared to the previous year despite the number of miles driven dropping by 13%. And driver-related behavior is now responsible for roughly 87% of all fatalities…

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Trucking Events, Trade Shows and Conferences

There’s no doubt about it, the trucking industry is busier than ever, not only for our drivers who are putting in long hours on the road, but also for the teams working behind the scenes doing everything from coordinating shipments, buying trucks and maintaining fleets. While events in our industry may look a little different…

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E-Inspections Are Finally Here with Three States Leading the Way

Granted, e-Inspections aren’t up and running in every state. Yet. But we’re confident the tide has turned and e-Inspections are riding the wave to adoption.  And, that will save Drivewyze customers time and money by streamlining the weigh station inspection process through the electronic transmission of HOS logs and other data from ELDs.   Right now, if you go…

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Fleethunt Technologies Partners With Drivewyze to Offer Preclear Weigh Station Bypass Integration

Contacts:   Doug Siefkes    (425) 392-2611    Rahul Bhandari   (204) 998-5188    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  FLEETHUNT TECHNOLOGIES PARTNERS WITH DRIVEWYZE TO OFFER PRECLEAR WEIGH STATION BYPASS INTEGRATION  WINNIPEG, Manitoba, July 6, 2021 – FleetHunt Technologies, a provider of fleet management systems, GPS tracking, and ELD solutions for Canadian trucking companies and their drivers, today announced it has partnered with…

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Former CVSA President, Mark Savage Shares His Insights on CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week

As the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual Operation Safe Driver Week approaches, it’s time to think driver safety. To provide some insight about what this event, and the CVSA is all about, plus what to expect on the road during the safety event, we caught up with Mark Savage, former CVSA president. Mark most recently served as a CVSA board member up until his retirement from a 26-year…

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