Safe Trucking is Critical in the Food & Beverage Industry

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Why Drivewyze is a Critical Technology Partner for Temperature-Controlled Transportation 

When it comes to the food and beverage industry, safe, swift and efficient transportation of goods is essential. The entire supply chain process requires precise temperature control to ensure the products arrive fresh and safe for consumption. This means that commercial trucking companies must balance quick timelines with safety, compliance, and fuel efficiency to thrive in this industry. Leading fleets are looking for technology that easily integrates into their ELD and mobile devices, that is not only easy to install but provides full visibility into tracking driving and weather patterns. In this blog post, we discuss why Drivewyze is the go-to solution for temperature-controlled transportation and how it can help your fleet stay productive and watchful on the road. 

Serving Safety & Compliance through Innovative Technology 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and US Department of Transportation (DOT) as a whole,  are extremely stringent when it comes to transportation of food products, and DOT motor vehicle and rail safety inspectors will observe shipments of food products for signs of potential contamination during routine inspections, and report concerns to the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS) based on the product. Hence, leading fleets in North America rely on industry-leading solutions from Drivewyze that enable trucks to get these perishable items from source to shelf quickly and efficiently. 

Drivewyze PreClear enables commercial vehicles to bypass over 900 weigh station sites across 47 states and provinces in North America. The obvious benefits include reducing fuel consumption and unnecessary time spent at these locations. In addition, trucks carrying temperature-controlled goods can maintain a specific pace to avoid any damage to the products. In fact, FMSCA reports $8.68 per truck, per stop, in fuel and time.  

Drivewyze Safety+ helps fleets maintain the highest levels of safety on the road. This service includes the functionality for fleet managers to create custom alerts and notifications for drivers through centralized and localized fleet management, ensuring that they remain aware of any potential safety hazards on the road. For example, drivers can receive alerts when approaching sharp curves, accident-prone areas, sudden slowdowns or areas with severe weather. These alerts help drivers stay vigilant, avoid accidents, and keep safe speeds. By maintaining safety on the road, trucking companies in the food and beverage industry can reduce the risk of product damage, injuries, and fatalities. 

The proof is in the pudding: See how leaders in the F&B industry gain from Drivewyze 

In 3 months, a leading Coca Cola Bottling Company saved $194,935, 1,872 hours, 8,983 gallons of fuel, and 100.6 tons of CO2. Avoided about 60 hours of weigh station delays over one month. Cumberland Farms has used Drivewyze weigh station bypass service and saved over $6,000 in operating costs, 280 Gallons of fuel and 3 tons of CO2. Foodliner/Questliner stated that the biggest benefit to using Drivewyze Preclear was in the amount of time drivers save, reduced driver turnover, and quick access to data to make strategic decisions. 


Safe and efficient trucking is essential in the food and beverage industry. Drivewyze offers innovative solutions that help fleets navigate regulations, reduce costs, and maintain safety and compliance on the road. With innovative solutions like Drivewyze  PreClear, Safety+, and seamless integration with ELD solutions, Drivewyze is the go-to provider for temperature-controlled transportation. If you are in the food and beverage industry and looking to enhance your trucking operations, we encourage you to get in touch with Drivewyze and its vast partner and reseller network today. 

Next Steps

Drivewyze is a leader in connected truck services. We have helped thousands of fleets improve fleet efficiency and safety outcomes towards our vision of zero crashes and zero fatalities.

  1. Drivewyze PreClear – Request a demo of the largest weigh station bypass service with 900 sites in 47 states and provinces.
  2. Drivewyze Free – Sign up for Drivewyze Free, the first comprehensive and free safety solution using proactive alerts to improve fleet safety. Available for free for fleets and owner-operators.
  3. Drivewyze Safety+ – Premium safety solution for fleets that comes with custom zone alerts, severe weather alerts and a lot more. Request a demo or a free trial today!
  4. Drivewyze Mobile Apps – Owner-operators can sign up for a free 30-day trial for the Drivewyze PreClear app on iOS and Android and start receiving bypasses in 900 sites across 47 states and provinces.
  5. Careers and Partnerships – If you’re interested in joining the team that is building the future of connect trucking, please see our Careers page and submit partnership inquiries here.

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