The Big Picture

It’s worth noting that since the late ‘70s, when deregulation took place in the U.S. trucking industry, the number of deaths involving large trucks dropped from a high of 1,372 in 1979 to 586 in 2013, according to the latest analysis by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s Highway Loss Data Institute.

While the U.S. population has increased 40 percent since 1979, the rate of deaths per 100,000 people involving large trucks has decreased by nearly two-thirds. And the overall death rate per 100,000 involving all motor vehicles has decreased by nearly 55%. In the last four decades, the feds with help from their state partners have made substantial gains in making our highways safer for truck drivers and the rest of the motoring public.

The FMCSA continues to work on it’s methodologies and measurements, but we think it’s hard to argue that what the feds have done so far hasn’t moved the needle on highway safety. Sometimes it’s good to step back and look at the big picture.