U.S. Xpress Drivers Find Safety Pays

Well, U.S. Xpress is certainly getting the attention of the trucking industry by its recent announcement to link increases in the base mileage pay of drivers to their safety records. Starting in March, solo drivers for U.S. Xpress with clean records will get a 13 ½ percent increase in their base mileage pay.

U.S. Xpress says a safe driver with five years of experience can make more than $70,000 total compensation with this new pay increase. Moreover, a safe driver, who becomes a training adviser for the company’s academy, could earn more than $110,000, according to the company. See a copy of the company’s news release at the company’s web site.

We think this announcement is a clear indication that industry leaders see safety as being a key metric for driver performance. That makes sense particularly as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently made several announcements regarding HOS regulations, the ELD mandate, and an update to its safety fitness rating methodology.  Clearly, U.S. Xpress is telling the industry’s safest drivers you’ll be paid well here. We can’t help but think that other trucking companies are taking this announcement very seriously considering that the competition for drivers, let alone the industry’s safest ones, has only gotten more intense.

We also think that as our mobile-based weigh station bypass service becomes available on more and more ELDs, companies like U.S. Xpress will be able to take full advantage of their drivers’ safety records and receive more weigh station bypasses and reduce delivery delays and operating expenses.