If you’ve ever watched as other truck drivers sail by weigh stations instead of getting in line, and wondered what do they know that you don’t, the most likely answer is >a href=”https://drivewyze.com/blog/trucking-industry/5-reasons-fleet-needs-weigh-station-bypass/”>weigh station bypass. If you don’t know much about it, you’ve come to the right place to find out more. If you already do know about it, and want to provide others – perhaps a fellow driver or a fleet manager or owner, more information—then this would be a good place to recommend where they can learn more.

The first question drivers and fleets often ask is “is this legal.” The answer? Absolutely. And here’s why – when you (or your drivers) regularly conduct required vehicle inspections, fix maintenance issues found during those inspections, and keep clean hours of service logs, state commercial vehicle inspection officers really don’t want to examine your trucks or logs. With the exception of random inspections, which everyone must go through from time-to-time, these officers would much rather you stay on the mainline. This gives them more time to spend examining truck operators who genuinely deserve that additional attention.

That’s why commercial vehicle inspection divisions in states from Maine to Washington and Florida to New Mexico, and nearly everywhere in-between, offer weigh station bypass. Weigh station bypasses, in general, are delivered using one of two different types of technology. One technology, employed by PrePass, provides bypasses through the use of transponders and roadside transponder readers. The other technology, which Drivewyze uses, provides weigh station bypasses through smartphones and tablets as well as a variety of electronic logging devices offered by leading telematics providers using cellular technology.

Here are several important differences between transponder-based weigh station bypass and cellular network-based weigh station bypass:

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