Driver of the Month: Amanda Jones and Art Johansson

Besides a tire pressure gauge, there’s one other tool Amanda Jones and her husband, Art Johansson, just can’t live without – a smartphone.testimonial-amanda_art

Since Amanda is really the techie for Team Amanda and Art, Drivewyze’s June Drivers of the Month, it’s her smartphone that’s most often pressed into service while they’re on the road. It’s used for navigation, tracking their hours of service and keeping in contact with friends and family. But there’s one application Amanda says they’ve come to rely on more than all others – the Drivewyze mobile weigh station bypass application.

Amanda and her common law spouse, Art Johansson, are members of a company driving team for JBM Logistics, an LTL carrier based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Amanda, who was featured in an article in the June 1-14 issue of The Trucker, says safety is a part of their personal responsibilities to each other as husband and wife and their professional responsibilities as a driving team.

Certainly, Drivewyze provides them a way to take full advantage of their safety-conscious driving practices – more weigh station bypasses, Amanda says. But it’s their sense of responsibility that really motivates their actions.

“As a couple, we have a vested emotional interest in each other’s safety and well-being,” Amanda explains. “But we’re also a professional driving team, so we have a responsibility to maintain our company’s equipment through regular pre- and post-trip inspections. Our company has a great safety record and it’s our responsibility to do our best to preserve and protect it.”

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“We think it’s important to recognize drivers like Amanda and Art,” says Brian Heath, president of Drivewyze. Amanda and Art for WordPress2“Because they take pride in their jobs as professional truck drivers and act with a high degree of professionalism, we see Amanda and Art as role models for the trucking industry. That’s why we chose them as our June drivers of the month.”

“We’re so honored to be chosen as Drivewyze’s June drivers of the month,” Amanda says. “Drivewyze has become such an important tool because it saves us so much time and money by leveraging our good safety record and that of JBM.”

According to reports generated by Drivewyze, Amanda and Art had a bypass rate of 87% percent in 2014.

“Drivewyze is an essential part of our job because it takes away that stress of having to stop at a weigh station,” she says. “You’re also not having to deal with the time loss of getting off the highway and getting back on.”