Driver of the Month: Mike Shatney

Owner-operator Mike Shatney won’t leave home without it. Drivewyze mobile-based weigh station bypass, that is.

“We think that kind of enthusiasm for running a safe operation and for Drivewyze deserves some recognition,” says Brian Heath, president of Drivewyze. “So, we decided to choose him as our first driver of the month.”

We caught up with Mike, who hauls general and refrigerated freight in van trailers.MikeShatney

“Being safe and operating safe equipment is an important part of my business,” Mike explains. “Without a strong reputation for safety, it’s difficult for me to see how you could be successful in trucking.”

“That’s why I am so honored to be named Drivewyze’s first driver of the month,” he says. “Drivewyze has become such an important tool because it saves me time and money by leveraging my good safety record.”

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According to reports generated for Shatney by Drivewyze, Shatney had a pull-in rate of 6 percent in 2014 – 735 opportunities with 692 granted. In total, the Mike in truckreport calculated Shatney saved more than $6,000 in time and fuel last year. Broken out, it showed nearly 58 hours in time savings, and about 277 gallons of fuel saved.

Since Mike began using Drivewyze service in December of 2012, the Barton, Vt.-based owner-operator has watched as the mobile-based weigh station bypassservice quickly expanded, offering more locations each month.

Mike, who has been an owner-operator for nine years, hauls beer, produce, baby food, vinyl siding, and other general freight just about anywhere east of the Mississippi under his own authority.

“With Drivewyze locations now in just about every state I drive, I’ve found that I couldn’t possibly drive without it because it saves me so much time and aggravation,” Shatney says.

“I am particularly pleased that I can now bypass the ag stations in Florida whenever I am hauling vinyl siding or other non-refrigerated general freight,” he adds.

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