Driver Spotlight: Greg

Just last month, we had the chance to catch up with and get to know one of our first Drivewyze drivers, Greg Condon of Levant, ME (pictured with Cruze). Here’s what he had to say:

Drivewyze: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today, Greg. How long have you been doing this?

Greg: I’ve just had my thirteenth anniversary with my company, but I’ve been on the road driving trucks professional for 42 years. I’m an old guy.

Drivewyze: How did you hear about Drivewyze?

Greg: Our supervisor department head presented [Drivewyze PreClear] to us and asked if it was something we wanted to work with, and most of us that were out on the road, we said “yes”.  Anything to help us alleviate the problem of the stop and go at the scales. We were willing to work with that.

Drivewyze: What sort of challenges do you face in the trucking industry?

Greg: In today’s world, there is just a lot more traffic and traffic congestion on the highways. We are on a computer log book system, so trying to make time and still get around all of this traffic makes it a challenge some days, but Drivewyze helps. If you can just stay out there on the interstate and keep going 65 m/h and continue with your progress, it is much more time efficient. Plus its fuel efficient too.

Drivewyze: Have you experienced any cost savings by using Drivewyze?

Greg: I was thinking of it the other day, and in a weeks’ run, if you could save let’s say a gallon of fuel a day by not having to enter these scales.  There’s anywhere from $28 to $35 a week that you could actually save yourself. It’s cost-effective for owner operators who are battling a nickel and dime situation on a daily basis.

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