Driver Spotlight: Mark Edmonds

Mark Edmonds has been trucking for over 18 years, and his father is the President and CEO of Edmonds Trucking Inc. Here are his thoughts on Drivewyze:

“Drivewyze gets me to my destinations faster. Sometimes that means being able to pick up more loads, sometimes it means getting there faster than my competitors.”

 Mark, based out of Blackstone, VA,  has been trucking since 1995 and has a lot of first-hand experience about the trucking industry. Prior to using Drivewyze PreClear, Mark wished he could avoid weigh stations and inspection sites by driving around them or by taking alternate routes. However, with fuel prices on the rise and extended hours on workdays, Mark decided that it was time to make a change and try something new.

Drivewyze is currently operating in over 200 sites and 15 states. With highly competitive rates and a one-month risk-free trial, there was no reason for Mark to consider any other bypass service. According to Mark, “the Drivewyze team is very supportive, and their response time to any issues is real good and usually on the same day or within the hour.”

We asked Mark what he liked most about Drivewyze PreClear and the service; his response was simply put: “Enormous time savings, it is cost-effective, and I get my money back with the time saved.”

Mark emphasizes the benefits of using PreClear “I’ve noticed that I have more time since using Drivewyze. The time I used to spend at weigh stations is now spent enjoying a meal or picking up more loads.” As for sites that ship loads on a first-come, first-serve basis, Mark claims that he is now “usually one of the first guys there to pick up his load, thanks to Drivewyze.”